6 ways to keep your body in shape

TeAndre Newcomb

3 exercises, 3 foods

The topic im writing about is how to keep your body in shape. In this article you will learn about food and exercises that will keep your body in tip top shape. I will give you three exercises and three healthy food. this way you can work out and also eat healthy.
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The Core "half kneeling rotational cable chop"

This exercise will train your core to do what its supposed to do. building the core is very helpful in everyday life. the core is one of the muscles that needs the most stability that it can get. this exercise is the best one for the core. say this because its training your core to do right.

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Triceps. "dumbell floor press"

your triceps are another muscle you could use. one of the most important muscles your body/arms need. when your build this your arm will get stronger and it would look great, so you would be able to wear them cut off shirts.

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hamstring "Barbell stright-leg dead lift"

Another muscle that is valuable is your hamstrings. your hamstrings could get