Vote for me

Please vote for me...You won't regret it.

vote for me because I promise to........

  1. make sure all schools get the education they deserve.
  2. make sure daycares are safe.
  3. make sure class teachers will get a big raise.
  4. give donations to the people in need.
  5. give everyone free WiFi from any service.
  6. ban the unsafe websites.
  7. investigate bad products and ban it.
  8. every shop will have a promoter every month.
  9. make sure food critics come to every restaurant and rate it.
  10. make sure anyone that everyone gets a job they like.
  11. make sure everyone in the street will get free hot dogs and macrons from the finest places.
  12. make sure taxes don't get higher.
  13. cigarettes will get banned.