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February 7, 2014

The Eagle Reading Initiative Has Begun!

The Eagle Reading Initiative has officially started. Pictured above are some of the eagles we created last year.

During the month of February, for every book students in grades K-8 read, they will be encouraged to complete a white eagle feather. Each feather will need to be signed by a parent or guardian. These white eagle feathers will be used to decorate the head of a large eagle illustration. The challenge for the students will be to read multiple books and turn in feathers for those books to fill in the eagle's crowning plumage.

Last year this goal was surpassed ten times! The students read a total of 1060 books and filled in ten eagle heads. This year it will be our challenge to read more than 1060 books and create more than 10 eagles.

Additionally, there will be a challenge between each homeroom (grades K-8) to read the most books. The top three homerooms that read the most books will receive a pizza party sponsored by Pizza Works. Every student who participates in the Eagle Reading Initiative will receive a coupon from Pizza Works.

Feather Totals

The count is in for our first week of the Eagle Reading Initiative! The elementary school has turned in 175 feathers, so far! In the Middle School we have collected 85 feathers! Keep up the great work! If you need more feathers, please send the kids down to the media center…we have plenty and will be glad to make more!

You can also download a PDF file of a feather from the school's website if you click the Eagle Reading Initiative link on the home page.

Kohl’s Cares for Kids: $500.00 Grant Received

On Tuesday, February 18, 2014 we will have several volunteers from Kohl’s in Hermitage visiting and helping in our library. We have received a $500.00 grant from them to purchase books for the elementary library. They are also sending several of their employees to read to our kids. We are thrilled! With the grant money, we are planning on purchasing non-fiction books to update our collection!

10 Websites Every Teacher Should Know

10 Websites every teacher should know:

Teachers Network: lesson plans and teacher designed activities.

Smithsonian Education: a wide variety of resources.

Teachers First: lessons, web resources and is ad free.

Education on subject matters, articles, and tips on teaching. news, lessons, and shared resources.

Education World: tips, lesson plans, activities, web resources, and academic articles.

The Gateway to 21st Century Skills: activities, articles, lesson plans and online projects.

Thinkfinity Resources: curriculum enhancement and award winning resources. new ideas, tips, lesson plans, and classroom projects.

Thematic Pathfinders for All Ages: thematic pathfinders—search by topic or browse featured pathfinders

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