MCHS Newsletter

June, 2022



The following seniors were honored in a ceremony on Thursday, May 12, 2022.


Quinn Gieseke Memorial – Jacqueline Euker

Martens’ University of Illinois – John Riedl

The Lotte Chakowski Scholarship – Isabella Sanchez

Gladys Miller Memorial – Cody Welker

John Swanson Memorial – Brock Adamson & Abigail Rohe

Dr. Dan Bertrand in Pursuit of Excellence – Dylan Stolz

Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) – Isabella Simonini

DeLong Company – Jack Heinberg

Max Wilson Memorial – Jacqueline Euker

Future Farmers of America Alumni – Ashtyn Martin

Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA) – Sarah Cederlund

International Harvester Collectors Club – Glenda Mireles Carreon

MCRTA “Future Educator” – Lauren Snelgrove

Marengo Education Association – Karli Adamson

Marengo Fire & Rescue Association – Avery Fashingbauer & Jack Heinberg

Marengo Radio WXMR 94.3 – Brody Donner

Marengo Woman’s Club – Summer Kunzer

Marengo-Union Chamber of Commerce – Ashtyn Martin

Hometown Hero – Cody Welker

Millard Family – Dylan Stolz

Prairie Community Bank – CBAI Scholarship – Lauren Snelgrove

Union American Legion – Samantha DiMaria & Jacelynn Lambert

Union Firefighters Association – Sarah Cederlund

Union Lions Club – Makenna Schroeder

Union Lions Club Bob Gruel Memorial – Joseph Miceli

Union Lions Club John Nienhuis Memorial – Ashtyn Martin

Kooi Grant – Sarah Cederlund, Ryan Clark, Alexis Elqunni, Nicole Fitch, Julissa Gonzalez Montillo, Jack Heinberg, Summer Kunzer, John Riedl, Audrey Schubert, Lauren Snelgrove

Pingel Educational Grant – Preston Bailey & Kathryn Meinecke

American Legion Vocational – Samuel Montgomery

University, Collegiate & Other Scholarships

Central College - Gabriel Schmiegelt – Distinguished Scholarship, Journey Scholarship, Trustee Scholarship, Presidential Scholarship

Northern Michigan University – Alexis Elqunni – Wildcat Merit Scholarship, Waldo Scholarship


American Legion Americanism

Winners: Preston Bailey & Isabella Simonini

Runners Up: Nicholas Martin, Karli Adamson & Alexis Elqunni

U.S. Marine Corps “Distinguished Male and Female Athletes – Preston Bailey & Isabella Simonini

U. S. Marine Corps “Scholastic Excellence” – Michael Ashbaugh

Military Red, White and Blue Honor Cords – United States Marine Corps: Adam Vega Perez

A for Effort – Outstanding Class Project – Julian Castillo

Outstanding Example to Others – Preston Bailey & Akif Ekerbicer

ACES (Academic Challenge Enriching Students) – Michael Ashbaugh, Sarah Cederlund, Ryan Clark, Alexis Elqunni, Sameul Leidig, John Riedl, Isabella Simonini

Freshman Mentor – 1 year – Collin Aubry, Ashtyn Martin, Glenda Mireles Carreon

2 years – Karli Adamson, Preston Bailey, Ambria Baker, Samantha DiMaria, Avery Fashingbauer, Samantha Gustafson, Taylor McGibbon, Isabella Simonini, Lauren Snelgrove

FFA Service Cord & State Degree Winners – Jacqueline Euker, Ashtyn Martin, Glenda Mireles Carreon, Samuel Montgomery

Good Citizen Award – Isabella Simonini

Honor Roll 2nd Semester of 2020/2021 and/or 1st Semester of 2021/2022

Brock Adamson, Collin Aubry, Ambria Baker, Alexendra Botzoc, Allison Cassan, Collin Cassin, Nathanael Cieslak, Kyle Clavey, Morgan Coffman, Bryanna Corral, Samantha DiMaria, Ruby Escorza, Alexandra Fernandez, Ryan Gundelach, Linnea Hadlock, Keely Heuser, Zachary Koteles, Owen Lohff, Mario Lopez, Michael Macias, Isabela Magallanes, Ashtyn Martin, Joseph Miceli, Jordan Morosi, Haleigh Moye, Riley Pankow, Andrea Perez, Jesse Perez, Mary Grace Reed, Melissa Rodarte, Jack Schirmer, Gabriel Schmiegelt, Nikiyasha Sobusiak, Chase Stavroplos, Dylan Stolz, Ayden Szymczak, Benjamin Toby, Morgan Tower, Ryan Tuohey

High Honor Roll 2nd Semester 2020 /2021 and/or 1st Semester 2021/2022

Karli Adamson, Michael Ashbaugh, Collin Aubry, Preston Bailey, Ambria Baker, Evan Barkman, Sarah Bohlander, Alexendra Botzoc, Nicholas Butty, Sarah Cederlund, Bethany Christiansen, Nathanael Cieslak, Ryan Clark, Samantha DiMaria, Akif Ekerbicer, Alexis Elquinni, Ruby Escorza, Jacqueline Euker, Avery Fashingbauer, Alexandra Fernandez, Nicole Fitch, Julissa Gonzalez Montillo, Natuayle Grays, Kyle Gundelach, Anastasia Guzman, Nora Harris-Balmes, Evan Hartmann, Jack Heinberg Courtney Jasinski, Summer Kunzer, Jacelynn Lambert, Crystal Lopez, Jordan Lucio, Isabela Magallanes, Elizabeth Martin, Nicholas Martin, Taylor McGibbon, Kathryn Meinecke, Kylie Miller, Samuel Montgomery, Jordan Morosi, Madeline Morse, Haleigh Moye, Cameron Palmer, Riley Pankow, Diya Patel, Andrea Perez, Hailey Perez, Jesse Perez, Grace Phillips, Mary Reed, John Riedl, Abigail Rohe, Kennedy Salazar, Isabella Sanchez, Andrew Schermerhorn, Audrey Schubert, Alexis Schultheis, Ty Sierpien, Isabella Simonini, Lauren Snelgrove, Nikiyasha Sobusiak, Andrew Sofie, Bryden Steele, Dylan Stolz, Callahan Struck, Benjamin Toby, Nicholas Tomasi, Ryan Tuohey, Matthew Volkening, Kaitlin Walker, Elizabeth Webster, Cody Welker, Juan Zarate Mendoza

Illinois Principals Association Student Leadership – Karli Adamson & Preston Bailey

Illinois State Scholars Michael Ashbaugh, Sarah Cederlund, Ryan Clark, Alexis Elquinni, Jacqueline Euker, Nicole Fitch, Julissa Gonzalez Montillo, Jack Heinberg, Nicholas Martin, Diya Patel, John Riedl, Andrew Schermerhorn, Audrey Schubert, Isabella Simonini, Lauren Snelgrove

Leadership Greater McHenry County Youth Program – Morgan Coffman

Math Team – Michael Ashbaugh, Ryan Clark, Alexis Elqunni, Nicholas Martin, Diya Patel,

John Riedl

National Honor Society (NHS) – Karli Adamson, Michael Ashbaugh, Preston Bailey, Ambria Baker, Sarah Bohlander, Alexendra Botzoc, Sarah Cederlund, Samantha DiMaria, Alexis Elqunni, Jacqueline Euker, Avery Fashingbauer, Nicole Fitch, Evan Hartmann, Jack Heinberg, Summer Kunzer, Crystal Lopez, Nicholas Martin, Kylie Miller, Madeline Morse, Diya Patel, John Riedl, Abigail Rohe, Alexis Schultheis, Ty Sierpien, Isabella Simonini, Lauren Snelgrove, Bryden Steele, Callahan Struck, Benjamin Toby, Matthew Volkening

National Youth Summit – Preston Bailey, Ty Sierpien, Bryden Steele

President’s Education Award – Michael Ashbaugh, Sarah Cederlund, Bethany Christiansen, Ryan Clark, Alexis Elqunni, Jacqueline Euker, Nicole Fitch, Jack Heinberg, Nicholas Martin, Kathryn Meinecke, Diya Patel, John Riedl, Audrey Schubert, Alexis Schultheis, Isabella Simonini, Lauren Snelgrove, Elizabeth Webster

Scholastic Bowl – Michael Ashbaugh, Ryan Clark, Alexis Elqunni, Samuel Leidig, John Riedl

Skills USA State – 1st place in Automotive Refinishing – Jack Heinberg

1st place in Diesel Equipment – Samuel Montgomery

2nd place in Early Childhood Education – Lauren Snelgrove

Versiti Leaders for Life - Glenda Mireles Carreon, John Riedl

Department Excellence in Awards

Agriculture – Jacqueline Euker, Ashtyn Martin, Glenda Mireles Carreon

Automotive – Joseph Miceli, Ty Sierpien

Welding Fabrication – Jack Heinberg

Automotive II – Samuel Montgomery

Business Education – Preston Bailey, Ty Sierpien

Family and Consumer Science – Karli Adamson, Lauren Snelgrove

Health Occupations – Sarah Cederlund

English – Jacqueline Euker

Humanities – Isabella Simonini

Foreign Language – Ruby Escorza

Mathematics – Sarah Cederlund

Physical Education & Health – Julissa Gonzalez Montillo, Dylan Stolz

Science – Michael Ashbaugh

Social Studies – Alexis Elqunni

Band – Gabriel Schmiegelt

Choir – Alexis Elqunni

Theater – Brody Donner

Senior High Honor Roll

Karli Adamson, Michael Ashbaugh, Collin Aubry, Preston Bailey, Ambria Baker, Evan Barkman, Sarah Bohlander, Alexendra Botzoc, Nicolas Butty, Sarah Cederlund, Bethany Christiansen,

Ryan Clark, Morgan Coffman, Bryanna Corral, Samantha DiMaria, Alexis Elqunni, Ruby Escorza, Jacqueline Euker, Avery Fashingbauer, Alexandra Fernandez, Nicole Fitch, Julissa Gonzalez Montillo, Evan Hartmann, Jack Heinberg, Keely Heuser, Courtney Jasinski, Summer Kunzer, Jacelynn Lambert, Isabela Magallanes, Ashtyn Martin, Nicholas Martin, Kathryn Meinecke,

Kylie Miller, Samuel Montgomery, Haleigh Moye, Riley Pankow, Diya Patel, Hailey Perez,

Grace Phillips, John Riedl, Abigail Rohe, Nicholas Sanchez, Colton Sauder, Andrew Schermerhorn, Alexis Schultheis, Ty Sierpien, Isabella Simonini, Lauren Snelgrove, Bryden Steele, Dylan Stolz, Callahan Struck, Benjamin Toby, Matthew Volkening, and Elizabeth Webster

Senior Honor Roll

Brock Adamson, Allison Cassan, Nathanael Cieslak, Kyle Clavey, Akif Ekerbicer, Kyle Gundelach, Ryan Gundelach, Samantha Gustafson, Anastasia Guzman, Owen Lohff, Taylor McGibbon,

Joseph Miceli, Jordan Morosi, Cole Nolen, Cameron Palmer, Jesse Perez, Mary Reed,

Isabella Sanchez, Gabriel Schmiegelt, Andrew Sofie, Chase Stavroplos, Nicholas Tomasi,

Ryan Tuohey, and Juan Zarate Mendoza


Lunches will be available for all children and families in the Marengo area during the summer months beginning June 6th at Zion Lutheran School. Click here for more information.


On Monday, May 9, 2022, the Board of Education had the honor of presenting Board Achievement Awards to students who participated in State Competitions in the following activities: ACES, FFA, IDEA, and VEI. These accomplishments represent hundreds of hours spent preparing for their events. We are so proud of these exemplary students!


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The War in Literature class wrapped up senior year with a trip to the Cantigy museum in Wheaton. They saw several programs including a hands-on experience with what soldiers carry, learning tank tech, and "first in duty" display with artifacts from almost all US wars. They really enjoyed climbing on the tanks!


MCHS students who plan to attend McHenry County College in the fall of 2022 were recognized during Advisory classes on May 3rd! MCC provided a variety of swag for the future Scots to welcome them to the college. Photos are not all inclusive of seniors planning to attend MCC in the fall.

Decision Day is a national date of May 1st in which students “decide” or commit to their college choice. It is recommended that students notify any other college that they will not be attending in the fall.

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The MCHS Reading Club had an end-of-year party on Thursday, May 5th, from 3 - 6 pm in the Media Center. After enjoying pizza and other snacks, the students were able to take some free books for summer reading. Some of the members played a tabletop game, while others worked on origami projects. We had the party early in May, since the last day for Seniors was May 13th. We look forward to next year, when we will be able to go on field trips, such as to see novels adapted for the stage at Lifeline Theatre in Chicago.

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The Marengo Agriculture Department once again hosted the annual AG Day Celebration at the high school on Monday, May 9. Seventy high school agriculture students presented a variety of lessons to over 730 local students from Grant, Locust, Riley and Zion. The pre-K and Kindergarten classes learned about dairy production, how to plant and grow a plant from seed to flower, how to safely approach a dog, and bicycle safety. Zion 1st grade students also learned what products contain soybeans and how a soybean germinates. The 2nd grade students learned how to protect our pollinators, sampled local honey, and made seed bombs to support pollinators as well as bicycle and ATV safety. The 4th and 5th grade students learned about the layers of soil, how soil is formed and the water cycle along with ATV and PTO safety. All students enjoyed the petting zoo which had over 13 animal stations.


Guidance Office Summer Hours: A school counselor will be available by appointment periodically throughout the summer. Appointments regarding schedule changes can only be made if there is a computer/technical error, scheduling conflict, or level change. Please call 815-568-6511 x1303 to schedule your meeting.


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Class of 2023

Students are encouraged to visit college campuses over the summer in order to make informed decisions about post-secondary plans. Most colleges begin to accept applications after August 1st. Marengo Community High School uses Parchment to send all transcripts electronically. Take time to create a Parchment account over the summer so that you are ready to send out transcripts when school begins! Follow the link to the Parchment site and click "Create an Account" in the upper right corner.

· Next click on Learners or Parents

· Then create your account.

· Things to know - even if you graduate in December 2022, indicate May 2023

Class of 2024

The PSAT/NMSQT will be offered in the fall. This exam will help your student prepare for the SAT and may be used to qualify him/her for National Merit Scholar recognition. The scores are also used by a variety of organizations to award scholarships. Once scores are processed by CollegeBoard, students are able to connect the test scores to Khan Academy for free personalized test prep for the SAT. If you have questions, please reach out to your student's counselor. College Board information is here.


Meningococcal Vaccine Required

The Meningococcal vaccine is required for students entering 12th grade. The Illinois Department of Public Health is requiring that all student entering 12th grade show proof of two doses of meningococcal vaccine unless the first dose was administered after 16 years of age. In this case, only one dose is required.

Asthma Action Plan

A new policy was enacted in 2017 that states we must request an asthma action plan from parents of student who have asthma. This form must be completed by a physician and returned to the school nurse.


Lauren Snelgrove, Nicole Fitch, Colin Aubry, Ty Sierpien, Matthew Volkening, and Preston Bailey signed their letters of intent to continue their athletic and academic careers! We are so proud of our student athletes.


4x800m relay - Lauren Snelgrove, Jordan Brogdon, Ruby Escorza, and Nikole Czepczynski

4x200m relay - Amanda Harris, Samantha Conroy, Gianna Almeida, Alexa Calbow. Great job girls!


Michaela Almeida (Junior) qualified in the high jump and the 4x200 relay team of Sophomores Amanda Harris and Samantha Conroy and Juniors Gianna Almeida and Alexa Calbow will compete in the IHSA 2A Girls State Track Meet.

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Josh Holst qualified in the 100M Dash in the IHSA 2A Boys State Track Meet.

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