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Dr. Smith, Physical Therapist

Physical Therapists (PT) in the school district are very important to help children and adult students become more independent with their mobility to carry out everyday activities. Physical therapy is considered by IDEA as a related service. A physical therapist is one of many members of the IEP team. PTs provide evaluation and direct services, as well as training to parents and staff who work with students who qualify for their services.

Physical Therapists must complete a Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) degree. Coursework for DPT stu-dents includes classes in anatomy, physiology, rehabilitation services, pathology, orthotics and prosthetics, and pharmacology.

We are honored in the district to employ one physical therapist

who services our special education students. In addition to managing her caseload, Dr. Mary (Becky) Smith also serves on our play-based evaluation and assistive technology teams.

We appreciate you, Dr. Becky!

Compliance Corner

Transfer Students

While many students and their families move throughout the year, the beginning of the school year tends to be a very common time for transfers. The Children Who Transfer section of the Legal Framework (https://framework.esc18.net/display/Webforms/ESC18-FW-Summary.aspx?FID=108&DT=G&LID=en) summarizes the applicable special education rules and regulations.

Remember, regardless of whether the student transfers from in Texas or out of state, upon verifying the student received special education services, the new school, in consultation with the parents, must provide comparable services to the previous IEP. For within state transfers the timeline for developing, adopting and implementing a new IEP (or adopting the previous one) is 30 school days from that verification date. In situations where the student transferred from out of state and additional data/evaluation is needed to deter-mine eligibility for special education services, this is a full and individual initial evaluation (FIIE) with testing and re-port due within 45 school days following the receipt of informed parental consent.

-reprinted by permission from Amanda Real, LSSP, NCSP, Esc 20, Evaluation Updates

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