Helium He

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The 10 characteristics of Helium

1) The atomic number of Helium is 2, meaning each atom of Helium has 2 protons.

2) Helium has the lowest melting point and boiling point of the elements, so it only exists as a gas except under extreme conditions.

3) Helium is the second-lightest element.

4) Helium is the second most abundant element in the universe, though it is much less common on Earth.

5) Helium is colorless, odorless, tasteless, non-toxic, and inert.

6) Most Helium is obtained by extracting it from natural gas.

7) Helium is the second-least reactive noble gas (after neon).

8) Helium is non atomic under standard conditions.

9) Inhaling Helium temporarily changes the sound of a persons voice. Though Helium is non-toxic, breathing it can result in asphyxiation due to oxygen deprivation.

10) Evidence of Helium's existence came from observation of a yellow spectral line from the sun.

The use of Helium

Helium is widely used as an inert gas shield for arc welding; as a protective gas in growing silicon and germanium crystals, and in titanium and zirconium production. It is also used as a cooling medium for nuclear reactors, and as a gas for supersonic wind tunnels.