(The Terrible)

Early Life

Ivan was born August 25, 1530 in Moscow, Russia. When he was three his Father died, he was crowned Grand Prince and his mother became regent and the throne rapidly degenerated into a center of violence and destruction. Then when he was eight his mother died and the throne was given to a group of Noblemen who were fighting for power. Ivan was very well respected in the public eye, but was neglected in private. He found enjoyment by taking young animals and throwing them to their death from high rooftops.


In 1547, when he was 16, instead of being Grand Prince, he was crowned Czar of Russia. In that same year he married a woman named Anastasia.

End of his ruled

Ivan died on March 18, 1584 on the throne and the country was left to unfit son. In the 1960's, Ivan's body was examined and found high amounts of mercury, speculating that he may have been poisoned.