Camp Tnere

Located in Negara Sambilan, have best activities!!!

Fun Activities!

Try the activities, they are REALLY fun! They have:

Horse Riding, Zip-Lining, Jungle Trek, Camp Craft, Bomb Disposal, Archery and Orienteeng!


Good Stuff!

Best Activities ---> Zip-Lining, Jungle Trek and Archery!

Zip-Lining -> 1st you feel scared from a 4 STORY HIGH! But then you feel ok.

My Funnest Activities :)


The cabins

The cabins have a lot of bunk-beds, they are nice and relaxing. A LOT of bunk beds. You guys should have a try! BUT BEWARE YOUR SURVIVAL---> Careful, you might fall down from the top. Some of the fan are near to the top part of the bed, the fan might break near you. You might get squashed from the top bed to fall down!