Honey Bee's

By: Caroline Taylor and Arianna Schutts 7

Queen Bee's

There is only one queen bee per hive. Queen bees lay over 1,500 eggs per day. Queen Bees usually live less than 2 years. Queen bees have a curved stinger with no barbs on it and they use it a lot. Queen bee's lay up to 100,000 eggs in there life span.

Honey Bee's

The scientific name for a honey bee is Apis melliferc. Honey bees are about 15 mm long. Honey bees are social in colonies numbering into the thousands. Honey bees maintain a Constance temperature of about 93F within the hive year round. Only a female honey bees sting, the males do not. A honey bee can fly up to 6 miles at 15 miles per hour.

How they help us

If we don't have bees to help our plants grow with a healthy life then animals that five us food and eat plants cant live and our food will go low. And also honey bees will help us earn money because it is like they are working for us and we sell there yummy honey that they make home made!

How To Save The Honey Bee's!!

How we can save honey bees is that we can silence our phone's because our sound confuses their communication between one another, And can lead them to death. Another thing is, We could plant more flowers to help them live and produce honey.