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Volume VIII, Issue 6 - December 20, 2017

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Editorial: Making Christmas Merry!

By Lieut.-Colonel Fred Waters, Territorial Secretary for Business Administration

In late 1983, as a new Salvation Army officer in Listowel, Ontario, a small town north of Waterloo, I was watching December 25 approach with incredible speed. The task of organizing our campaign to raise funds, and to purchase food, toys and equipment to support those in need, appeared staggering. We were working long days; Wendy was in the last few weeks of pregnancy with our first child, and we were two of a staff of two.

By December 24, we were both exhausted but pleased that we had managed to complete the task of supporting those in need in Listowel and twelve surrounding towns. The truth of the matter is that we only achieved our task because of the partnership of many, including local businesses. We were given free advertising in the local paper, donated food arrived from various suppliers, volunteers came from several businesses and as a town we made it all possible.

That wasn’t the last time that we were partners with the business community. What I discovered over the years we lived and worked in Listowel was that the businesses and residents of that town supported The Salvation Army, small as it was, because we managed our business dealings with a certain efficacy and integrity - and we showed good outcomes.

I am reminded every day here that how we deal with our business matters, MATTERS! It provides people with confidence that they can entrust us with their partnership in making this Christmas merry for many. So, thank you for your effective work. Thank you for caring about a job well done.

Have a very Merry Christmas. May God bless you.

3 Down and 1 To Go: UltiPro enters the home stretch

By Jeff Skipper, Change Manager, UltiPro Project Team

10,000 Users

Over 220,000 hours processed each pay cycle

200 training sessions delivered

These are just a few of the facts at this stage of UltiPro’s rollout. Moving each division onto the new payroll and HR system has proven to be a very complex challenge, but one that a small team of specialists in Finance has gladly taken on.

To you, UltiPro makes it easy to get your pay statement at any time in any place you wish. Managers have greater access to more information than they’ve ever had before. For the project team, achieving that has taken many long days, weekends, and unshakeable focus on the end goal.

In October alone, while putting the finishing touches on the deployment, the UltiPro team responded to 1000 requests for help – from technical issues to ‘how to’ requests. It’s been a tough act to balance, but the UltiPro team led by Patricia Dunbar and Keely Harris, and the payroll team led by Arlene Cabal, have remained deeply committed, working their way through the many challenges of calculating time and pay for the myriad of employee policies, federal and provincial laws, and union collective bargaining agreements.

Next up is the integration of our National Recycling Organization as part of the fourth and final phase of the UltiPro rollout. Adding another 2500 employees will make this a truly enterprise-wide rollout giving The Salvation Army a unified platform and clear visibility to all employee data within the business. The UltiPro team marches on!

Year-end contribution receipts using Shelby

With the New Year fast approaching, it will soon be time for you to issue annual receipts for local contributions processed through Shelby’s contribution module. Here are some important reminders about the process.

  • Print receipts from the contribution module using the Reports/Statements option. Do this in early January, after you have recorded all contributions for the prior year.

  • Use “SA Laser Receipt” as the format for your receipts.

  • Issue receipts for contributions received and deposited between January 1, 2017 and December 31, 2017.

  • Ensure that the date on your contribution statements is December 31, 2017.

  • Review your statement before final printing. You can do this in several ways: through a test run of 10 (by ticking the option box), by printing all statements to plain paper, or by saving them as a PDF document.
  • Correct any errors by posting adjusting contributions.

  • Print your final receipts on standard pre-numbered receipt forms, arrange for their signature, and then distribute two copies to each donor. Make sure that you retain one copy for your records.

  • Consider including a separate letter of thanks with the receipts to show your appreciation.

  • If you discover errors on final receipts, you must mark the original as “Void”. Ensure that replacement receipts carry the notation “Replacement receipt for receipt ######”.

Please refer to Section 601005 of the Territorial Finance Manual for further details. And remember, there are no special calendar year-end procedures in Shelby. Simply follow your normal monthly processes for receipting.

Reminder: Receipting of gifts in early January

The general rule is that the date of donation is the date the gift is actually received. However, when the gift is received by mail, the Canada Revenue Agency considers the date of donation to be the date of the postmark on the envelope, which for mailed donations received early in January may be in December. The CRA recommends that, in such cases, the stamped envelope should be kept as part of the charity’s books and records.

Did You Know? Positive economic events...

“Many people find it hard to believe that negative economic effects [such as a rise in gasoline prices] are not a result of villainy, even though they accept positive economic events – the declining prices of computers that are far better than earlier computers, for example – as being just a result of ‘progress’ that happens somehow.” (From Intellectuals and Society by Thomas Sowell, Basic Books, 2012, page 66)

Who's Who - Haydn Salick

In April 2017 Haydn joined the THQ Finance department as Director of Financial Accounting for the Ontario Central East region. This appointment follows experience in a wide variety of industries – including professional services, financial services, logistics, manufacturing and multimedia – in Trinidad, Canada and the USA. He also had his own consulting firm for a while.

Haydn has a Master of Science degree in Finance. He obtained his Chartered Certified Accountant designation (a UK qualification) while in Trinidad, and in Canada he became a CPA, CGA.

He is an avid mountain biker, and plays soccer, cricket, tennis, badminton and table tennis. He is also a musician, having played the guitar for many years.

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