Study Tips 101

Tips to Success!

Are you studying all day and all night for that important final coming up? Here are some study tips to insure that you will make an "A" on that thing!

1. Focus your attention on the materials you are studying.

2. Avoid cramming! Make regular study sessions.

3. Make mnemonics to remember information such as rhymes, songs or jokes.

4. Visualize information to memorize and recall it easily.

5. Pay extra attention to difficult information.

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Studying leads to Success!

Studying may seem hard and pointless now but trust me you will thank yourself for taking those extra hours to study for that history exam in Mrs. Jones' class when you're handed that lovely diploma and are ready to embark on the rest of your life. You'll take these study habits to college with you and it will help to land you that dream job! See studying has a purpose after all.