M Dance Square

Professional Dance Training for Enthusiasts

Open house!

9/15/2013 1pm-4pm, 295 California Street, Newton, MA. WELCOME!

  • Meet Jia and Lu and excellent dance peers of all ages from Boston area
  • Find out about our programs and upcoming activities
  • Enjoy dance performance from our teachers and students
  • Interactive activities, games, food and beverage
  • Raffle for dance gifts!

Current Program

Fitness class

  • Improve flexibility, balance and coordination of your body through Pilates, Yoga and ballet training
  • Advanced muscle and core strength training
  • 1H Pilates & Yoga exercises; Ballet workout

Chinese Dance Training Class

  • Improve flexibility, balance and coordination of your body through Chinese Dance technique training
  • Improve the ability of artistic expression of Chinese Dance
  • 1.5H dance technique (floor session, bar session, central session) and Chinese Dance training

Chinese Dance Performing Class

  • Strengthen Chinese Dance technique, body flexibility, balance, and coordination
  • Improve Chinese Dance artistic expression
  • 2H dance technique, Chinese Dance posture/rhythm(中国舞身韵) and Chinese dance training
  • We will choose classic and challenging solo dance piece, e.g. Drawing Dance with Fan(扇舞丹青) to improve your overall dance abilities and allow you to experience the extensive and profound Chinese culture

Special Summer Program

Intensive Dance Workshop (with emphasis on Chinese Dance techniques)

  • Intensive training of body flexibility, balance, strength and coordination
  • Chinese Dance technique training, including spinning, turning, jumping and related skills
  • Chinese Dance posture/rhythm and artistic expression
  • 1.5H/class, 4 classes

Dance instructor

Jia Ma

Jia Ma has extensive dance teaching experiences in both China and the United States. Ma received her B. A. from Beijing Dance Academy China with distinction, major in Chinese Classical Dance, and her M.F.A. from Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, major in Dance Education and Choreography. For many years Ma has taught professional and amateur dancers alike across various dance genres, with emphasis on Chinese Classical Dance, Ballet, and basic dance techniques, and her teaching was well received by her students. Ma frequently attended professional activities such as the “American Dance Festival” and the “Bates Dance Festival”, all with scholarships. Ma is also the receiver of numerous professional awards, including: “Outstanding Teacher Award” and "Best Paper Award" from Beijing Dance Academy, “Dean of Dance Prize” and “The Society of APA Non-local Scholarship” from Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts.

Lu Men

Lu Men is an expert in comprehensive training for non-professional dancers. She has been a dance instructor since 2008. Men earned her Bachelor’s and Master’s degree from Peking University and Pennsylvania State University. At the meantime, she led hundreds of performances, won several first prizes in national competitions and received Honglou Award for special accomplishment in art from Peking University. With more than 20 years of dance experience, Men offers unique insight into dance education. She believes that dance is more than movements but the story, culture and history behind it. Dance is the channel for emotions, it delivers happiness. Her vision is to bring the joy of dance to more people.

Flyer by: Lu Men