Free Throw

by: Jake Maddox


If you like basketball and mystery books you will like this book a lot. The book is called free throw.It has a little bit of basketball things in this book. Jake Maddox has wrote other books including skate park challenge, paint ball and track and field takedown.


The main characters are derek and coach taylor. The other characters are jason,cody,ryan, and garret.The setting is at a basketball game,court.Derek plays for a basketball team called the hornets. He looses the games because of his free throw's.There are 3 seconds left on the clock he gets fouled does he make the free throw or misses the free throw mysrery.


i like this book because it has basketball and i love basketball.And it is a really good book. I like mystery books and it is a little bit of a mystery. I would not change the book because,I like how it tell's me why he misses his free throws.


This book remines me. Because, when i was not a good free throw shooter.I won the last basketball game for my team because i practice on my free throws.And the guy i was talking about.He did the same thing that i did.


i would recommend this book to drew. Because he loves basketball like me.He plays basketball to and this book will have some tips for him. So this book would be really good for drew the end.