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Testing as a Genre

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Dr. Sommerall came to visit us last Monday and Tuesday to support our growth as test makers. We spent time thinking about tests that exists in the real world...sports tryouts, recitals, job applications...all high stakes tests. We realized that test makers are not our friends. Their job is to see if we can get the answer correct. We will continue our testing as a genre study throughout the year.


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TFK-ish magazine

Ask you child about his or her TFK-ish writing!!!! We completed our first draft today. We are very excited about this process

Spotlighting Students & Article-ish Writing

Classroom News 101: Kathryn

Written by: Sean D.

Classroom News 101 today Kathryn has been interviewed and the results are below.

Kathryn likes math because it can be used in many different ways. She also likes it because it can be used in different ways and it is used in real world problems.

She wants to go to Australia one day because she thinks its cool that it is a country and a continent. Kathryn also likes the outback of Australia.

Kathryn has always wanted to help orphans because orphans usually don't know who their parents were and she would want to help them learn who their parents were.

So that all we have today on Classroom News 101.

Carly T.

Written by: Ava J

Do you know carly T ? well i do she is a fashionista that love to do fashion

she see’s that pink black and gray t-shirt express her well. Sometimes when she not fashionista. She a total diva and when shes not a diva she love to read and listen to IGGY hip hop or be a artist .carly would love to meet Heidi klum and ask for some fashion tips.

Carly told me that this t-shirt express her well!!!!!!sone day carly would like to make a dress like this in pairs one day!

one day carly was thinking about to go to pairs and start her fashion there because she thinks that pairs is the for fashion

Ronald B.

Written by: Grace R.

I have a friend his name is Ronald. Ronald enjoys to playing video games and daydreaming in his free time. Ronald 1 brother and no sisters. In 20 years Ronald wants to be traveling the world. While Ronald is traveling the world he will be listening to his favorite song Viva La Vida by:Coldplay. And maybe Ronald will stop by Egypt and find a lamp that has a genie inside because according to Ronald his 3 wishes would be, Be anyone he wanted for a day,be rich for an hour, and he also wants 3 more wishes!!! That last wish is perfect! Well 1 more thing about Ronald is that he loves Basketball he doesn’t even have a favorite team he routs for any team that’s playing!!! And that is why I did a report on Ronald B!