Daily In-Flight News

Thursday, March 7th "C" Day

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Mark your Calendar

3/7 Murphy visit

3/7 Literacy Night 6-7:30 pm- Kick-off assembly

3/11-15 Aviation Station at Maple Dale

3/11-15 MAP testing for 1, 3, and 4th grade

3/11 APE Bowling

3/13 All Pro Dad Breakfast

3/13 2nd Grade Performance

3/14 4th Grade Field Trip (Mathew 25) 11:30 am -1:45 pm

3/15 Cara's Baby Shower


3/26 PBIS Committee Meeting 8:20 - 9:00 am

3/28 Benchmark Meetings

3/29 3rd grade Field Trip to UCBA 9:30 -11:30 am

3/29 Report cards go home!

Licensure News with Debbie Emrick

Hello! The next District Licensure meeting will be on Tuesday March 12. If you have a final portfolio or IPDP to be submit I need to have it BEFORE 1:30 pm on Tuesday.

*If you are submitting an IPDP please make sure to sign the Signature Page and make 10 copies of the IPDP. (the signature page does NOT need to be copied)

If you need guidance, after school is better for me to meet.


In our Thoughts and Prayers

Steve Reinke's father, Bud Reinke, passed away in his sleep on Saturday, March 2nd. Bud was 91 years old. Ann Marie will be out of the building Thursday and Friday to attend his funeral in Wisconsin.

Notes from the Office

Spring Break building hours: 6:30 am-5pm

Baby Girl Frost is coming!

The special education team is throwing a shower to celebrate Cara Frost's baby girl due in April. The SPED team is providing food and drink on March 15. If you would like to donate towards a gift there will be an envelope in Melanie Evers box. Please give your donation by March 8. Baby Frost is registered at Amazon

Student Birthdays

  • 3/8 Abigail Sarasua
  • 3/9 Addison Busemeyer
  • 3/9 Krystyna Laux
  • 3/10 Avi Jivan
  • 3/10 Vitabhay Mittal
  • 3/10 Evelyn Hauser

Staff Birthdays

  • 3/8 Carly Lefton
  • 3/10 Angela Garrett
  • 3/14 Deb Stevens

Guest Flight Crew

  • Martha Philpott - Yvette Hayes
  • Emily Lemmons - Michelle Bates
  • Lori Bregger - Nicole Smith
  • Lauren Hoeltje - Faren Hill
  • Shelley Arnold - Natalie Moss
  • Chris Galbraith - Kent Chaney
  • Megan Chowning - Ex EA
  • Megan Sennett - Ex EA
  • Shereen Jamus - Ex EA
  • Briana Rowland - John Traub
  • Brandon Moskowitz - Carolann Vayo- Smith
  • Theresa Wessinger - Julie Willis

Out of the Building

  • Ann Marie Reinke
  • Cara Frost