Polar Bears

by:Finn Beifus

Polar Bear Facts

In my article we will be talking about polar bears. You may be asking yourself, how can polar bears live in the Arctic without freezing? Well polar bears have thick fur and a layer of blubber or fat. Females weigh 300 to 700 pounds and males weigh 700 to 1,600 pounds! Polar bears hunt using camouflage. Their diet consists of fish,seals, walrus, and dead whales and other fatty meats also they eat berries and grasses. A female polar bear can have 1 to 3 cubs. Polar bears do not hibernate and the mom will live with its cubs in the den for three to five months without eating. The mother will protect its cubs as long as their with her. They roam from Alaska to Russia and Canada to Greenland. When full grown polar bears can be 8 to 11 feet tall! Those are some descriptive facts about polar bears.
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Hunting and Life Cycle

In this we will be talking about how polar bears hunt and their life cycle. Now, polar bears sneak up on their prey first the polar bear sneaks up next it attacks and last the polar bear either does or doesn't get the kill.

Like I said polar bears can have 1 to 3 cubs after birth the mother will stay with her cubs for three to five months in the den after that the cubs can leave the den and hunt with their mother and are protected by her. Then after one to three years when they can hunt on their own they leave the safety of their mothers and can be considered adults and the cycle begins again and that is the hunting and life cycle of a polar bear.

Polar bear vs. Grizzly bear

In this paragraph we will be comparing the polar bear to the grizzly bear. First off polar bear males weigh 700 to 1,000 lbs and grizzly males can only weigh up to 500 pounds. Also polar bears can be 8 to 11 feet tall and grizzlies can only be 8 feet tall. Grizzlies hibernate and polar bears do not. Polar bears hunt seals and other Arctic animals. Grizzly bears can smell carrion from 18 miles away and have a once a year gathering to eat salmon. Polar bears obviously have white fur and can swim up to speeds of 3 to 6 miles an hour! Even though they have many differences they also have many similarities. Like they both build dens, eat meat, and have powerful jaws and also they are both mammals and bears. Those are my reasons why polar bears and grizzly bears are different and the same in ways.
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How Global Warming is Effecting Polar Bears

In this we will be talking about how global warming affects polar bears. First off global warming is caused by gases produced by cars and factories. Studies show that the permanent ice in the Arctic has decreased to 9.8%. Polar bear's hunting seasons and areas are becoming shorter. Now there are fewer polar bears and polar bear cubs. Also polar bears are starting to weigh less, Canada found one that only weighed 150 lbs! Some scientists say if global warming keeps this up polar bears may be extinct in our lifetime but you can help by riding your bike to school or walking. those are my reasons for how global warming is affecting polar bears.

How Global Warming is Effecting Polar Bears Habitat

How global warming is destroying polar bears habitat. Well first it could desamat the Arctic by melting all the Arctic ice. Which means the polar bear will have to find a new habitat. So the polar bears might move south but by moving south from the Arctic they move closer to the equator which means the more south they go the hotter the climate gets which means the polar bears won't be able to survive because they are only used to a cold climate also food maybe harder to find. So if we don't do something to stop or slow down global warming. You may think driving just cost money for fuel but it also cost the polar bears habitats and life. So will you help stop global warming or will you cost a polar bear its life the choice is yours and yours only.