The best class

by Ava Shrader

The fun of being in band.

First of all, band is the best class I've ever been in. Learning how to play an instrument is an AMAZING accomplishment - plus it's super fun! Learning how to play new or old, classical or pop songs is so much fun. And also once you get better, it becomes even more fun! Plus it's a great way to make new friends with the same interests as you. Like for example, someone who plays the same instrument.

Personally, I play the clarinet.

I am currently first chair, in the varsity band, also known as the Wind Ensemble. I love playing the clarinet but one thing that I enjoy is trying to squeak out high notes that are super high! But the feeling is so good when you accomplish something or get commended on something!

Band has many concerts throughout the year, where you get to perform publicly!

Playing an instrument is also proven to relieve stress.

Learning new pieces.

Your band instructor will never keep you playing a piece for over a few weeks! Oh no way! You are constantly receiving, learning, and passing off new songs! Super fun!

Playing the clarinet