Ampersand catering

Ampersand catering

Ampersand catering

Think of personal and professional touch in your catering service and the only name that would emerge in your mind is Ampersand catering. When you deliver someone food, you are on the verge of winning or losing conditions. If the food is good then obviously you are at win-win situation. It may vary for bad taste of food. However with amper catering for you, you can be sure that you will always be a win-win situation.

Ampersand catering specializes in Venue catering, visitor attraction catering, restaurants and events catering. They with their expertise always create an ambience that will have no match. They are proud of themselves in providing exceptional catering services at simply iconic venues.

Different venues where they conduct catering are

To maintain the eminence of these venues they have to offer best quality food. For that they maintain chain of suppliers who provide finest quality of farm fresh ingredients. The staff here always shows professional approach to serve you but with a personal touch. Many customers are delighted by the smiling faces of the staff who are always attentive to deliver you the best.

Ampersand catering also specializes in organizing events that would be in the memories of the host as well as the guest for their lifetime. They never compromise on the quality. Motto of them is to serve the best with a smiling face.

Once on holding a catering service at the ZSL London Zoo, they had gathered accolades from the client and have established the zoo as a prime venue for holding events. The delicious food served by Ampersand catering and the zoo had great combinations and had let their client leaving on a happy note.

There are such stories developed everywhere Ampersand have done catering. They have kept in mind the quality of food served, varieties of the food, combination of each item with each other and obviously the ambience of the venue. Everything all together becomes a grand package which is enjoyed by the Guests and cherished by the Host.

Ampersand Catering says that “The simple principles for success that you’ll find at all of the venues we look after” and truly every venue that they work transform into a success story.

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