How to Stop Self Inflicted Harm

And solutions to other forms of teen violence

How to Stop Self Harm

Friday, May 24th 2013 at 8:45am

400 Mockingbird Lane

Coppell, TX

The presentations will be held in the library

Join Us For a Night of Solutions

Learn creative ways to either stop harming yourself or ways to stop self harm in other people

This is a Once in a Life Time Chance

This is the first and only chance to see these creative presentations

Self Harm is not the way to express your pain.

Consequences of Self harm

If you have caused harm to yourself you will be left with permanent scars. Each time you cut you will be put in pain. There is a loss of blood involved. Most of the time you would be depressed and hating life. You will get a lot of unwanted attention.

What is self inflicted harm

Self inflicted harm is any behavior which involves deliberate causing of pain or injury to ones self.

Self Harm is a serious topic

This is not a humorous topic

You will hear testimonies of Dawn, Ellie, and Sarah. They have been kind enough to give us there stories but they will not be present

How they could help themselves.

Call the Self injury helpline 1800-dont-cut

You can write in a diary or journal

Count down to relaxation (10... 9... 8... 7...)

Make a list of people you could call for support

Take up a craft

Write down any negative feelings then rip up the paper

Listen to music that expresses what there feeling

Exercise vigorously

Punch a cushion or mattress or screen into a pillow

How we as friends can help.

Make them feel like they are needed in your life

Invite them over for a sleepover to take their mind off of it

Encourage them to get help (like therapy)

Be sympathetic rather than hypocritical

Be a good listener (one to one conversations)

Repeat things that they have told you

Places they can go for help

Self Harm Hotline

Suicide Hotline

Depression Hotline