My Trip to India

West Bengal

Stolo podmo the land lotus

Stholo podmo is a kind of flower. Stholo means land and podmo means lotus. In India my grandpa used to pick Stholo podmos from his garden and put them in these beautiful vases and they were first white then in the evening they turned light pink then later in the evening dark pink than at night red then they die. The strange thing is that every day the Stholo podmos were gone in the morning. My grandma said that there is a lady who always comes and take all the Stholo podmos with her stick. Then we didn't think about it much till this week she stopped taking all the flowers!!! That Monday I thought why is she not taking all the Stholo podmos then I remembered that she said that in India they give Dura an Indian goddess 108 Stholo podmos when it is Durga puga representing all her 108 names that say all the good things she does. I don't know what any of them are but anyway so then I thought she must have missed Durga puga so she doing it at home and she needed 108 Stholo podmos so took them from my grandparents house and other houses. She stopped because she got all the 108 Stolo podmos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here is a poem I wrote about Stholo podmos:

Stholo podmo is coloring,

White in the morning,

Different shades of pink as the time is ticking,

And red in the evening,

On land a lotus is growing,

108 Stholo podmo to goddess Durga we are giving!

Shiuli Phool Shiuli Phool Swagatalaxmi Dasgupta

Kali and Jobha

The next flower is Jobha (Hibiscus) the Hibiscus can stay bloomed pretty-much for a whole year!!! Ma Kali is a Indian god of the killers of the evil. She protects the good by killing the evil. Since she always knows when to come and kill the evil we give her a garland of Hibiscuses that symbolizes how she fought all the evil and the RED symbolizes BLOOD!!!!!!

India's national flower the LOTUS !!!

This is the last but not least flower!!! The LOTUS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Lotus is the national flower of India!!! It is known for growing in the mud but still look gorgeous!!! There is a goddess called Saraswati, she sits on the lotus flower. She is the goddess of purity and learning. Kind of the same as the lotus!!! I bet that's why she the one who gets to sit on it! Anyway did you know the lotus blossoms 1petal at a time! Every lotus blossoms when it and the sun are completely straight in front of each other!!!

Did you know you tit is not just pretty it also can make medicines out of it!!! Yep that means you can eat lotuses! If you eat it you'll get cooler and n-o diarrhea!!! And if you're like me and you have pigment problems don't fear eat some lotus cookies or something like that !!!


In India my grandpa had these really big bushes of Madhobi next to the gates. I used to pick them up and throw them in the air. Once I came back to America my Bangla song teacher taught me a song about Madhobi. It is called Madhobi

Hottat Kotha Hote Elo, it is about all winter there was no Madhobi and now it is Spring and Madhobi has arrived but now she has to go for Spring is over. (Spring is very short in India.)The leaves shout "no no no don't go, stay with us Madhobi,"and the stars are saying " don't go,come up with us in the beautiful blue sky," Another reason people love Madhobi is that the Madhobi has a beautiful smell like Shiuli.