Box Braids Hairstyles


Box Braids That Look Impressive

Braid hairstyles are sexy and cute, and they are fast becoming a preferred trend for celebrities like Jessica Alba and non-celebrities on top of that. From side braids and classic French braids, there are lots of braid hairstyles that appear awesome and are really simple to do. If they ever really had left, box braids hairstyles are back! Box braids are already a fairly popular hairstyle among African-American women. Due to the drastic change until this simple hairstyle could bring in one’s personality, the box braids styles are trending and becoming really popular among women of every age around the world. So what are box braids and how can you style them? Let’s determine in this posting.

Box braids are merely individual plaits divided by small squared-off parts or boxes. Most women like to add synthetic or natural hair extensions to the braid for extra length and fullness, though these kinds of braids can be of any width, length or style.

1. The two main-strand twist. Unlike dreadlocks, both-strand twist is simpler, simpler and sleeker, and may be maintained for as much as a couple weeks. The trick to prevent this style from looking dirty and matted is to remember that the smaller the twist, the longer it will certainly last. If you use hair products like pomade or cream, make sure you don't use any slippery, oil products, as this will make the hair look dirty and slick, also.

2. Box braids. This style of braid involves the utilization of hair extensions and is also quite popular with the African American community, and also many other women. It is also one of the most long-lasting of braid hairstyles, but it can also take a lot of time to do. If you don't already have a hair-stylist, find one near you that specializes in Box braids.

3. Braids in short hair. Delivering don't have extremely short hair for instance a pixie cut, you could do braids in your hair for the cute hairstyle. Among the most popular of short hair braids may be the horizontal braid. This style features plating the hair from ear to ear, across your face, rather than around the back or side. Horizontal braids are flirty and fun and perfect if you have a chin-length bob.

4. Classic French braids. For medium and long hair, French braids are really a classic and elegant hairstyle to try. It can be hard to do at first, but once you get the hang of it, you'll be plaiting your hair in no time.

5. Herringbone braid. This braid is great for long locks which is an elegant and beautiful style which can be worn for everyday use or for special events. Is easily picked up by most women and can be done in just a few minutes once you get the hang of it, though it's a bit more complicated than the French braid.

6. Side braids. Best for both long and medium hair lengths, side braids absolutely are a fun solution to mix up a braided look. If you have layers, though it's easier if the layers are near the chin or long layers in the back, you can even do side braids.

7. English braids. This style starts within the nape from the neck and begins comparable to a French braid. Start for the nape, separate into three sections and start plaiting.

8. Heidi braids. Heidi braids are built when two braids are crossed from the nape and brought around the head. These are generally fun and flirty, plus more suitable for longer locks.

Just what is the best hair for box braids you will ask? We recommend using 100% Kanekalon Jumbo braid. If you’re allergic to syntactic hair or want to use real human hair instead, you need to use human kinky hair (4B) because they will not likely slip as simple as syntactic hair. However, human hair is more expensive than Yaki hair. So, if you’re price conscious and don’t care much about your braids get a little dry and not having the ability to heat style your braids, go with syntactic. But if you have some loose change you can spare and would like more styling options like curling irons, hot rollers - opt for real human hair. Be mindful that, human hair is harder to seal with domestic hot water, is definitely more slipping plus the ends are more inclined to tangle when worn loose. So, 100% Kanekalon Jumbo braid is the best hair for box braids. Get more information regarding Box Braids Hairstyles