Presidential Pamphlet

Job Fair Flyer: Help wanted!

You have been hired by the White House's Human Resource Director. Your job is to create a flyer to distribute at the job fair! The flyer should describe the job requirements, and skills necessary to be President. The flyer should inform applicants about the position while persuading applicants to run for the office of President of the United States.

Use (or similar site) to create your flyer. You may work with one partner.
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Flyer Requirements/Grading Rubric

1. List the Constitutional qualifications to be President (1 point)____

2. List the salary, benefits, and perks of the job (2 points)___

3. List the (10) Constitutional powers granted to the President in Article II (5 points)____

-Categorize the powers into: Executive/Diplomatic/Judicial Legislative (2 points) ___

-Explain which power is the most important and why (Opinion) (2 points)____

4. List and describe in your own words the five leadership qualities and skills necessary to be a successful President as described in the attached leadership worksheet

(5 points)____

5.Complete the guided questions from the attached roles of the President worksheet.

Summarize the six roles of the President (Describe in your own words, and include the examples from the guided questions( embed the completed work into your project) (12 points)____

6. Describe how you would use your position as President of the United States to find a solution to a current challenge facing our country.

*Immigration reform, budget deficit, ISIS, Gun control, Affordable Health Care Act etc..

-Current Issue: (Who,What, Why, Where, When) Include facts and statistics while describing the situation. Include pictures/graphs. (5 points)___

- List and explain which Constitutional Powers, Presidential roles, and leadership qualities you would use to help solve the challenge.(minimum of 3) (3 points)____

7. Pictures, videos, music, creativity, and readability of your pamphlet. (3 points)___

Total score_______/40