Poetry Analysis

by Alex Hammond and Andrew Robaska


Our common base theme for all four of our poems was happiness. We took words from each of the poems that supported that they were about happiness and put them into a Wordle. Find it here http://www.wordle.net/create

Our first Poem


This poem has a deeper meaning than what it says. Sometimes you need to lay back and be happy instead of being completely serious all of the time.

This poem did that by replacing customary classes with their idea of a good time.

This poem was written in a list/free verse fashion so it does not rhyme or have a typical repetition of the syllables. This poem also listed her perfect classes.

My idea of a happy and relaxed school schedule would be the class registration for Hogwarts.

Our second Poem


This poem is really saying that you should not compete, but work together. Spreading happiness for all is a better feeling than winning,

I agree with this poem's message because you get more done when you work together and every body in the end is happy.

This poem was formatted into clear line breaks and it rhymes

The third Poem


This poem reveals that every thing in the world is wonderful.

The author does this by using imagery in which they create vivid pictures in your mind off of extremely detailed wording so that it isn't hard to imagine what is going on.

Poem 4


Poem four is a beautiful poem with a powerful message. The author wanted the person they wrote this for to know that he will always be with them even when he dies. It also says that the author really admired the person they wrote this for.

This poem has line breaks in it, does not rhyme, and has a little bit of repetition involved.

Who would you send this Poem to?