Now Hiring: Microtubules & Microfilaments

Job Description

Microtubules and Microfilaments MUST function as the primary component of the Cytoskeleton of Eukaryotic cells. You must be able to work with other Microtubules and Microfilaments in order to make up the cytoskeleton, and in turn, provide structure for the cell. To do this job, it is VITAL to make sure that the cytoskeleton connects to each and every organelle, as well as the cell's membrane.

Workers must be able to cooperate with other Microtubules and/or Microfilaments without conflict. This is non-negotiable.

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  • Are made up of protofilaments, which are made up of tubulin heterodimers
  • Are 'framework' for cellular structures like the spindle apparatus, which helps in cellular division, or cilia and flagella, which are used in movement
  • Involved in cell division and cell motility
  • Worker must be stable, but be able to constantly move.


  • Known individually as globular-actin or G-actin
  • Form the Dynamic Cytoskeleton, and therefore, give structure to cells.
  • Provide cell motility
  • Intracellular organelles are transported by motor proteins to daughter cells along actin cables, or microfilaments, during mitosis

Microtubules + Microfilaments are like Drywall!

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