Time With Technology

How much time do you spend each day using technology?

Pick your deVICE.....

Cell phones, Computers, Tablets....and Facebook, E-mail, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram. Everyday we spend minutes, even hours with technology. How much do we need, and how much is to much?

This Wednesday, February 5th is Digital Learning Day

Assignment #1

What technology devices did you use today?

Create your own flyer at www.smore.com. Include that February 5th is Digital Learning Day. Your goal is to get students to understand that technology is all around us. How are we using technology in school? How much time is spent during school or outside of school using technology. Which teachers use technology in class and how. Also, add how your use of technology every day is benefitting your life. When you are done - share your flyer with the class, and me!