Canyonlands in Utah

Ryan Shaw 5th period


Four people going on this trip. It is a seventeen hour car ride, so we are driving up there. One day to drive to Utah then 4 days at the park, then 1 day to drive home.


Island in the sky camping ground fee: $40 (10 dollars a night)

Day 1- hiking tour in the island of the sky area of the park

Day 2- scenic drive in the car on white rim road

Day 3- horseback riding

Day 4- rock climbing


Camping fee-40

Tent- 150

Gas- 500

Horseback riding- 120 (30 a person)

Rock climbing- 160 (40 a person)

Supplies and food:

Firewood and lighter-20

Food(hot dogs and burgers, as well as trail mixes and dry food packages. Enough for 4 people) - 200

Sleeping bags- 40 per person so 160

TOTAL COST OF TRIP: $1,350 for 4 people


Pack warm clothes so pants and long sleeve shirts and jackets. It it's cold around this time of year around 50 during the day and around 20 at night.
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