Findley Flyer 9/16/21


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Dear Findley Families,

On Friday, September 10, the district released a Mitigation Matrix to help reduce the spread of the virus in our schools. The most recent Fulton County Epidemiology Report from September 14 showed Johns Creek at 304.9 per 100,000 which keeps Findley Oaks at a level 1 on the matrix (100 per 100,000). This means that we will continue to follow our mitigation strategies in our school such as modified physical distancing in classrooms, mandated masks, frequent hand washing, frequent sanitation of high touch surfaces, opening windows in classrooms, and staggered dismissal.

I am pleased to report that our COVID-19 numbers have decreased significantly. Here is the COVID-19 report by school from the week of September 3. Note that if there are school implications with a positive case, the 2nd column will show any student and/or staff member who is identified as a direct contact. Since direct contact notices will go out to ALL students in a class or a bus, those numbers can be high if there are school implications.

Please continue to employ practices to contain the level of infection in our community, like physical distancing and frequent hand washing, which help keep our students and schools safe and focused on learning.

Camille Christopher



Important Dates

9/20-Late Start Day

9/22-School Governance Council Meeting

9/22-Spirit Night at Taco Mac

9/23-Community Night

9/24-Newcomer's Coffee-8:45 am-Food Court

10/6-International Bike/Walk to School Day

10/4-10/8-MAP Standardized Assessment Reading (Grades 2 and 4)

10/6-PTA Board Meeting

10/11-Holiday (Schools Closed)

10/12-Teacher Workday (No School)

10/13-10/15-MAP Standardized Assessment Math (Grades 2 and 4)

Newcomers' Meeting

Are you a new family to Findley Oaks? We will hold a Newcomers' Coffee on Friday, September 24 at 8:45 am in our food court. This space is large enough to allow for physical distancing. This is an opportunity to meet members of the administration, PTA, and SGC. We look forward to seeing you!

Late Start Days

On these days, classes start one hour later than usual for students so that faculty and staff can participate in Professional Learning opportunities and work together to improve teaching skills and the academic performance of students. Buses continue to operate on the regular schedule during late start dates; however, parents also can choose to transport their child to school by the scheduled later start time. Students who arrive early will participate in supervised activities until the school day begins.

For Findley Oaks, late start means that the classes will start at 8:40 am. Students who arrive after 8:40 am will be considered tardy. Parents have the option to have their child(ren) ride the bus which will run at the normally scheduled time. We will follow our normal arrival processes with supervision (buses, carpool, and walkers) from 7:10-7:40 am. Breakfast will only be served between 7:10 and 7:40 am.

For students who arrive between 7:40 am and 8:20 am, parents will need to escort them to the front door. Beginning at 8:20 am, we will open our carpool lane for drop-off (front of the building only). We will not have our crossing guard after 7:40 am. Walkers and car riders will enter via the front door. Other than supervision in carpool between 8:20 and 8:40, there will not be supervision on the school grounds due to teachers and staff supervising students in classrooms.

The first late start day is Monday, September 20. To view the FCS calendar and other late start days, click here.

Light on Literacy with Mrs. Sullivan

I am our Findley Oaks Literacy Coach for grades K-2. I have had a wonderful time working with your children’s teachers and getting to know your children as readers. Some of you may be wondering how you can help your child at home. There are 5 pillars of reading that help children learn how to read: Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, Fluency, Vocabulary and Comprehension. This article will focus on Phonemic Awareness.

Phonemic Awareness is the conscious awareness of the individual speech sounds (consonants and vowels) in spoken syllables and the ability to manipulate those sounds. Children who play with sounds, syllables, and rhymes when they are young are gaining important reading readiness skills.

Ways to practice PHONEMIC AWARENESS at home are by focusing on how letters and words have sounds. Here are some examples:

~Read RHYMING BOOKS to and with your child. Here are a few favorites:

Brown Bear, Brown Bear

Sheep in a Jeep

Llama Llama Red Pajama

Room on a Broom

~Play I SPY while at home or anywhere. Ask your child to find items that begin with different letter sounds. “I spy something that begins with /t/ sound.” Say the sound, not the letter.

~Sing songs with rhyming words.

~If English is not your family’s first language; you and your child can practice hearing and playing with sounds through free websites for Phonemic Awareness. Check out YouTube for videos, and Pinterest for crafts and activities to help with letter sounds.

Keep it short and have fun with your child!

Next Light on Literacy: Phonics



Thursday, September 23rd

Wednesday, October 20th

Thursday, November 11th

Wednesday, January 26th

Thursday, March 24th

Wednesday, May 4th

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Taco Mac Spirit Night

Findley Oaks Elementary School Spirit Night:

Place: Taco Mac- 2607 Peachtree Pkwy, Suwanee, GA 30024

Date: Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Time: All Day during open hours

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Our Wellness Committee plans wellness challenges throughout the year. This month is No Soda September. Students and staff can sign the pledge to cut out soda for the month. Feel free to join us in this challenge!

The committee also encourages everyone to move on Mondays through the Move it Monday Campaign. Check out this campaign by visiting Our teachers encourage students to get moving throughout the day and we provide a Move it Monday activity every Monday on Falcon Talk!

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Social Worker Introduction

Psylane Brown, School Social Worker

I am the substitute school social worker at Findley Oaks. You can find me at FOES on Wednesdays and I am accessible via email Monday-Friday. A school social worker is available to identify, assess and explore the barriers that interfere with student achievement. I serve as a supportive resource to the student body, parents, staff and the surrounding community. I am available for: crisis intervention, staff development/ training/ parent support, individual or group counseling, court and DFCS liaisons, home visits, and as a referral source to community resources.

Additionally, school social workers enforce the Georgia Compulsory Attendance Law and provide attendance resources to help support students and parents. You will find the new attendance policy in the Parent Handbook and on the FCS Website. Changes are noted below:

Parents/guardians will be notified more often on absences, regardless of whether a student is excused or unexcused. Families will be notified of student absences via daily robocalls. Students who accumulate multiple absences (3 and 5 days unexcused, 7 days combined unexcused and excused) will receive letters to notify them of missed learning time, and staff will follow up with supportive strategies for families and students.

Elementary School students’ attendance is taken within the first hour of the instructional day to record who is physically present. Students must be present for half of the instructional day to be marked present for the day.

We understand that students get sick, have family emergencies, and things do come up. If a parent needs to excuse a student from attendance, notify the child’s school as soon as possible.

Parents/guardians can monitor their child’s attendance using Infinite Campus. More detailed information about our attendance policy can be found here.


School begins at 7:40 a.m. and ends at 2:20 p.m. Students are to be IN THE CLASSROOM BY 7:40 a.m., seated and unpacked, otherwise their attendance will show a late arrival. It is the responsibility of the parent to see that the student arrives on time. **Students who ride the bus to school will not have a late arrival on their attendance even if their bus arrives after 7:40 a.m.**

I look forward to meeting you and working with you AND your children!

Psylane Brown, MSW

Breakfast and Lunch-Week of 9/20



Sausage Biscuit

Assorted Cereals


Pancake Sausage Bites

Blueberry Nutrigrain Bar with Yogurt


Waffles and Sausage Links

Assorted Cereals


Cherry Frudal

Yogurt with a Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cereal Bar


Chicken Biscuits

Assorted Cereals



Chicken Alfredo

Morning Star Veggie Nuggets

Cheese Pizza Pack


Spicy Sichuan Chicken and Rice

Hamburger or Cheeseburger

Hummus Bento Box



Mini Corndogs

Turkey & Cheese Wrap


Southern Breaded Chicken with a Wheat Roll

Cheese Quesadillas

Yogurt and Cheese Pack


Cod Nuggets with Mac and Cheese

Cheese Pizza

Jamwich Pack

COVID-19 Reporting

  • As a reminder, if your child is sick, please have him or her stay home.

  • All FCS staff and students are required to report a confirmed positive case of COVID-19, a pending COVID-19 test result (regardless of the reason for testing), and a direct contact with person who is COVID-19 positive.

  • FCS student/parents must use the Parent Reporting Portal to make the COVID-19 report.

  • Reporting staff and students must wait for further guidance from the FCS Health Services Team, Talent Department, or public health officials after submitting a report.

  • The FCS COVID-19 Response Team will case investigate all reports in consultation with public health officials. Staff and students are required to cooperate with response team/public health department nurses and respond truthfully to all questions.

  • The district will update positive COVID-19 cases once a week on the FCS website.

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Please Sign-FCS Student Code of Conduct

Parents and students are asked to annually review the FCS Student Code of Conduct. Please take a moment to review and sign the Acknowledgement of Receipt Form.

All parents and students (over 10 years old) MUST sign this form found within your INFINTE CAMPUS PARENT/STUDENT PORTAL ACCOUNT.

Code of Conduct Handbook - click here to view.

Click here for directions on completing the form.

Notification to Parents of the Screening and Referral Process for Gifted Students 2021-22

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Partnership with Chris 180

Chris 180 is proud to be in partnership with Findley Oaks ES to provide support to students and staff. Some of the issues we can help with are trauma, anxiety, depression, anger outbursts, self-esteem, peer relationships, suicidal thoughts, and many others.

Counseling services can be a positive support to all students with a wide range of needs. Over time, these services can help students:

• Cope with their feelings which should lead to fewer calls home

• Understand why they are having difficulty and learn better ways of


• Improve focus in the classroom

• Maintain better relationships with family, friends, and school staff

Your identified Chris 180 therapist is Zaqayvia Johnson. Zaqayvia has a master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Fort Valley State University and is currently in the process of working to become a Licensed Associate Professional Counselor. Zaqayvia is passionate about education, trauma informed spaces for adolescents, and social and emotional expression. We look forward to working with you!

Check out the Findley Oaks Counseling Page!

Change of Dismissal Information

Changing Dismissal Method -- If a student has a need to leave the school in a manner different from his/her normal routine, it will be necessary for the student to bring a “Change of Dismissal” form from the student’s parent/guardian to the classroom teacher. This should be sent prior to the date of need or immediately upon arrival to school the day of the change. Change of Dismissal forms are provided on the Findley Oaks website or can be requested from the classroom teacher at any time. Please remember bus changes will be made on an emergency basis only.

If there is a need to change your child’s dismissal during the school day, please send an email to Emails to the teachers and phone calls will not be accepted. Change of dismissal will not be accepted after 2:00 pm.

Here Comes the Bus

If your child is going to ride the bus this year you will find the "Here Comes the Bus" app useful. "Here Comes the Bus" is a free, easy-to-use website and app that enables you to see the location of your child’s school bus on a smartphone, tablet, or personal computer. This way, you know when the bus is near your stop, so you can send your child out at just the right time. No more worrying about whether your child has missed the bus! Click here for more information:

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