History of food throughout time

How has food impacted America?

Americans use food for everything now, from eating to socializing. Back in the day, people did not eat food like we do today. Varieties and options were limited and only used for the three meals a day.


Most of the food production at this time was from farmers. Wheat and corn belts were invented. Thanksgiving dinner was established around this time.

Foods introduced:

  • Chewing gum
  • Ice cream sundaes
  • Instant coffee
  • Evaporated milk
  • Cream cheese

Wars were happening during this time period and technology was not quite advanced. Many food items were simple.


  • Bread
  • Potatos
  • Soups
  • Steak
  • Cow stomach
  • Pudding

Still very simple but more complex with animal parts.


Appetizers were more common during social gatherings.

  • Fruit cup
  • Cocktails (ex. Shrimp)

More sophisticated foods and finger foods.

Stuffed pecans or walnuts
Salted almonds
Filled celery (with Roquefort and cream cheese)
Glazed shrimp
Garlic olives
Sardine and bacon rolls
Marinated mushrooms
Cheese balls
Sausage and potato rolls
Ham and egg balls
Pineapple fingers and bacon
Shrimp puffs
Deviled eggs
Cheese for dipping potato chips


Many more confidence foods such as fast food chains and resturaunts. We have more choices and combinations for our food.

Few fast food chains:

Comparing decades

In the 1850s, food such as wheat and corn made a huge impact on the world. They are still the main product we use in almost everything. It was easy to produce for people in the war. In the early 1900s, more food items, other than grains, became popular. Simple foods were still common, but with the lack of advanced technology, that's all they could get for the time. In the late 20th century, fast food chains emerged and finger foods became common. Appetizers were common amoungst social gatherings. The past 15 years have been a huge boom on our country. With more food options, resturaunts, and fast food chains, Americans are becoming more obese.