by William Mastin

What does an attorney do?

An attorney handles the legal matters of a business or single person. These matters are not strictly confined to arguing a case in court. For example-corporate lawyers spend the majority of their time reading complicated contracts and 'translating' them for their employer. In other words, they make the contents understandable to their employer.

What Kind of education does an attorney need?

Most law schools require applicants to have graduated college before applying for law school. Law school courses normally last 3 years, although some off accelerated JD programs (see below).

Accelerated JD (Juris Doctor) Programs

Accelerated JD programs are programs that speed the learning process of law school, shortening the total number of semesters required to graduate. Only a few very motivated students are admitted into these programs.


An attorney is the 22nd highest paying job in america, making and average of $110,000 per year ($57 per hour). This is the highest paying profession in the legal system, even exceeding a judge's income.
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