Warrior Whistle

January 2021 Edition


The procedure for establishing class size, schedules and staffing of teachers as well as ensuring a positive educational environment began in February with the course selection process. Teachers, administrators, counselors, students and parents collaborated on students’ course selections through the Spring Semester. Schedules are now finalized and changes from one course to another will not be considered. Students may, within the same class period:

1. Add a first semester course to an existing study hall or lunch by Monday, September 21, 2020.

2. Add a full year course to an existing study hall or lunch by Monday, September 21, 2020.

3. Add a second semester course by Monday, February 8, 2021.

Level changes for math, English, science and social studies (when appropriate) will be addressed and considered on an as needed basis throughout the school year. Level changes will allowed during the following time frames:

1st Semester

Monday, September 21, 2020 – Friday, January 22, 2021

* Friday, October 2, 2020 is the final deadline for level changes in English 12 Honors and English 12 Academic Literature

*Any year-long course that is dropped within the final two weeks of the 2nd marking period, Friday, January 8, 2021 and thereafter for the remainder of the school year will have the course grade recorded as a WP – Withdraw Pass or a WF – Withdraw Fail. The WP or WF will be based upon the cumulative average for the year at the time of the drop. The dropped course and appropriate designation of WF or WP will appear on the transcript.

2nd Semester

Tuesday, January 26, 2021 to Friday, February 12, 2021

There will be no level changes after Friday, February 12, 2021 for the duration of the school year.

A Schedule Change Form must be completed with the appropriate signatures required and turned into the Counseling Office within the time frames listed above or they will not be considered.

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TCHS Student of the Quarter 1

Brett Patton

Claire Drake

Elaina Grimaldi

Conrad Laub

We are so proud of you!!!

Henderson High School’s music department will be well represented in this year’s round of PMEA District festivals. Congratulations to these talented individuals for their accomplishments!!!

4 Students will be representing HHS in District Orchestra:

Alex Hughes, Bassoon

Abheya Nair, Violin

Nolan Prochnau, Viola

Samuel Prochnau, Cello

7 Students will be representing HHS in District Band:

Caleb Fernandez, Tenor Saxophone

Alex Hughes, Bassoon

Michael Li, Bassoon

Laiya Mathew, Flute

James Moffat, Horn

Doug Newell, Tenor Saxophone

Catherine Startup, Saxophone

7 Students will be representing HHS in District Chorus:

Elizabeth Clark, Soprano

Monica Dolan, Soprano

Anna Tooke, Soprano

Brooke Shaw, Alto

Andrew Prude, Tenor

Ryan Hughes, Tenor

Will Campbell, Bass

Thank you for your continuing support of the HHS Music Department!

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20 new members inducted to Henderson HS Tri-M Chapter 3754 National Music Honor Society

Please congratulate the newest 20 Members to HHS Tri-M National Music Honor Society. They were inducted on 11/2/2020.

Michael Li

Sai Karanam

Sougi Akurathi

Sarah Zisk

Robert Colson

Elliot Godin

Sofie Gill

Nishita Jakkam

Elizabeth Brennan

Ryan Hughes

Caleb Fernandes

Maizah Ali

Grace Watkins

Grace Lamprinos

Neha Valamkonda

Christine Parekkadan

Brooke Shaw


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HHS Tri-M Music Honor Society is proud to present a Virtual Holiday Cabaret

Virtual Holiday Cabaret that the HHS Tri-M Music Honor Society put together to send out to local nursing and retirement homes. HHS Tri-M students, Jon and I provided performances and Senior Catherine Startup put it all together.


Jenna Mulhern takes her third straight District 1 AAA title

HHS Equity Student Union Video

The Equity Student Union championed a Unity video. Mr. Stan Truong wrote the script and worked with senior Mac Smith as he created the video. In the spirit of the late Martin Luther King, Jr we are proud to stand up and share our voice against hate and racism.

PSA_video.mp4 - Google Drive

Academic Competition January Scores

Varsity: JV:

HHS: 100 HHS: 110

Conestoga: 80 Conestoga: 85

HHS: 80 HHS: 105

Rustin: 115 Rustin: 55

HHS: 95 HHS: 90

Octorara: 55 Octorara: 35

The Chester County playoffs are 2/23 for the varsity and 3/2 for the JV.

J.P. Cronauer Earns Eagle Scout

Congratulations Senior J.P. Cronauer on earning the rank of Eagle Scout!!!
Congratulations Senior J.P. Cronauer on earning the rank of Eagle Scout!!!

Regional FBLA Award Winners

Congratulations to the following students for their Regional FBLA Awards. These students automatically qualify for the state competition. This year as you know is a difficult one. We managed to participate in FBLA in a completely virtual manner. FBLA has 45 members this year – 21 of which competed in a virtual competition for regionals. This year’s winners are a mixture of remote, hybrid and cyber students.

Banking and Financial Systems - Kate Marion- 2nd place

Business Calculations - Aansh Devpura- 1st place

Business Law - Josh Baker- 3rd place

Intro to Business procedures - Trisha Orasanna - 1st AND Foram Shah - 2nd place

Intro to Information Technology - Adil jabri- 1st place

History of The Henderson Warrior

Dear Henderson Parents and Students,

I have always been extremely proud to be a part of the Henderson Community. It is a community that strives to be inclusive and embrace diversity, while remaining connected to our traditions. Perhaps one of the proudest traditions is our mascot, the Warrior. Over the summer, our administration took an in-depth look at this tradition. We wanted to learn more about the history of the Henderson Warrior, its association with Native American Indian Iconography, and how it is perceived through the lens of inclusiveness and diversity.

We had several conversations with students, staff members, community members, and alumni. We connected with faculty at West Chester University and the Chester County Historical Center. And, perhaps most importantly, we spoke with Native American Indians.

Interestingly enough, our research did not show how the Warrior became affiliated with Native American imagery. Through our research, we concluded that students, staff, community members, and alumni favor keeping the Warrior name while removing Native American imagery.

Please click here to view a video and learn more about our research regarding the history of the Henderson Warrior.

Using iconography that marginalizes a race of people is not a practice that we should continue. It has never been our community’s intention to deliberately offend anyone. We plan to work with the student body to create new imagery that is not offensive to Native Americans or any other race or religion. I look forward to working with the student body to re-brand our Warrior imagery, which we all can wear proudly. Go, Warriors!


Dr. Jason Sherlock
Henderson High School Principal

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