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When Cows Kill

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American Massacre Of Europe

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When Cows Kill: The title is intriguing in the sense that cows are usually passive and now may have gone crazy with some disease. Upon reading further, the reader sees that the article is actually concerning the poor processing of meat. The meat, made of cows, has been contaminated by pesticides and other harmful chemicals that can lead to disease, even possible death.

Kids Being Kidnapped: The title hints that there may be a spike in the amount of children being taken from their home, at first people expect the article to state that kids are being kidnapped while walking home or due to an increase of kidnappings. However, the reality is the obscurity of child labor and how kids are working in inhumane conditions, also due to the amount of child laborers and how it peaked.

Women: The New Slaves?: The hook of this article is slavery is back, now in the form of women. Upon reading this, many people would be alarmed and need to read further to find out about the cause, because slavery was defeated only some years prior. However, the article is truly about making a comparison between women in this time period and slaves in the pre-civil war era. Women activist were pushing for suffrage, which is something slaves could never done. The women are being treated inferior to men, just as slaves were. Therefore the title aims to anger the reader and cause a change.

Thousands Diagnosed With New Epidemic: When people read this caption they think that thousands of people are actually being diagnosed with a new illness. People are going to want to read about how this has came about, but in reality they will find out that the epidemic is unemployment, and that it is not an illness that affects your body but yes your pocket. Unemployment "plagued" the country, which makes it an epidemic. But the word epidemic applies to a disease, therefore implying that unemployment is a disease that needs to be "eradicated".

American Massacre of Europe: This article is aimed towards immigration, what makes the viewer want to read this article, is the false sense that Americans massacred people from Europe. Although the true reality is that immigrants suffered from racism, worked long hours for cheaper pay, and were working in inhumane conditions, some even dying from new machinery. Although yes, many immigrants died due to these conditions and some might consider it a massacre. the title has a deeper meaning of show how hard it to be in a new country and rather than being accepted, still have to deal with the population and industries discrimination towards you, due to the fact of not being born in the country.