Geography of South Africa

By: GS

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People often say it is the oldest desert in the world, around 43 Million years
It is a desert that takes up the entire west half of Namibia.

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It is a rocky promontory, south of Cape Town.
The first person to get around it was Vasco Da Gama
It is also the most west point of Africa
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It is a city in South Africa, it is also the capital of the province Gauteng.
It has a million hand planted trees.
It also has some of the biggest thunder storms.
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It is Africa's 4th largest river system.
It has carved it's way to create Victoria Falls, and the Batoka gorge.
It has attracted tourist's attention to see amazing wild life and sports.
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Starts in central southern Africa and makes it's way towards the Indian ocean.
It revives seasonal tributaries
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Lusaka is the capital of Zambia.
The markets attract a lot of attention
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Kalhari Desert

A high vast plateau consuming most of Botswana and some of Namibia and South Africa
Stretches across 7 countries
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Three African kingdoms came together and asked for Portuguese protection to make this
Produces a lot of oil

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Orange river

less than 125 miles from the Indian ocean
The headwaters rise more than 10000 feet above sea level