ATV safety

By: Masen Block - Hour: 7

ATV Fun!

It may seem like a good day to go on a ATV ride with you family but you have to make sure you have the proper license and equipment to go with them. You should also know how to drive it and know how to use a ATV.

ATV license!

You have to take an ATV safety class either on-line or in a class room, it is easier on-line because it takes less time and you don't have to be in the class for 2 weeks. The average class takes about 2 weeks or more.

Fun on the road.

You can have fun riding your ATV on a local road but you have to remember that you need the requirements to do it.

Interesting facts!

  • You have to register your ATV.
  • You have to make a license plate.
  • You have to make sure that you know how to drive it and have experience with ATV's.


You can also use a UTV for utility work and it has a dumper.

Prevention statements.

You can prevent injuries by...

  1. Fallowing safety rules
  2. Not being a stunt man
  3. Staying safe
  4. Not being a dare devil or doing dares your friends tell you to do.
  5. Reading the owners manual
  6. fixing parts that are broken.