Push and Pull Factors

By: Jacob Salazar

Religious Persecution in Cuba

In Cuba Christians are persecuted for having services. A recent event happened in which a pastor of the services Christians were holding was persecuted and the government took many of his belongings.

Ethnic persecution in Germany

This would be an example of when hitler ruled in Germany. He persecuted all the Jewish people who lived in Germany. He also took over other countries and persecuted the Jews there. This lead to death and near extinction of the Jewish kind.

Environmental factors in Mexico

Mexico has both a push and pull factor for environmental factors. On one side by the beach it can be beautiful and a great view. While on the other hand temperatures can rise well above 100 degrees Fahrenheit which is very hot and causes people to be pushed away.

Economic motives in the United States

Many people have come to the United States in search for a new beginning. This is because all of the job opportunities and freedoms. But we are currently losing jobs which is causing some people to be pushed away instead of pulled in.

Political factors in North Korea

North Korea is a country with many limitations and restrictions. The government and politics effect what the people can and can't do. In North Korea the government restricts what people can watch on tv, do in their free time, and even do for a job.

Forced migration in Zimbabwe

In the country of Zimbabwe many people were forced into the UK. This Is because of other people moving in on the land of those in Zimbabwe.

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