Forensic Specialist for the DEP

By: Nathan Blische


Forensic specialists for the DEP deal with crimes that have to do with the environment. They analyze evidence seized from a suspect which could include fish eggs, steaks from poached meat, etc. Instead of searching for a cause of death for humans, they do this for animals.

How it is used

DEP forensic specialists analyze evidence to prosecute a person for the crime they committed. They help wildlife law enforcers determine if foul play was used to gather an animal and use evidence such as blood make a match.

Job Requirements/Skills Needed

To work in the lab as a forensic specialist you must have a bachelor's degree. You must have computer skills because you work with computers everyday for data processing, statistical inferences and more. You must have excelled in chemistry, molecular biology and biochemistry to be considered for the job.

Real Life Case

A concerned citizen contacted a Department officer and reported finding two doe mule deer that had been shot in a field north of Carlsbad approximately one mile east of the McNew subdivision. One doe was intact with the other having been partially skinned with a small portion of meat removed from a hindquarter. Based upon the condition of the carcasses it was determined that they had been killed sometime around April 21. Evidence was collected at the scene and sent to the crime lab for further analysis.
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