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The UA Scholars Program is designed to reduce the number of Alaska's high school graduates leaving for education and jobs elsewhere. We offer the top 10 percent of students in each qualified high school graduating class in Alaska a $12,000 scholarship to attend the University of Alaska, as an incentive to stay in their home state.

The UA Scholars Award is a $12,000 scholarship which can cover eligible expenses such as undergraduate tuition, fees, room, board, books, supplies, and other educational costs incurred for attendance at the University of Alaska.

Students eligible for the Award are designated by their high school based on their academic standing at the end of their junior year.

The award is disbursed to eligible Scholars in the amount of $1,500 per semester for a total of eight semesters over a five year period.

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The Alaska Performance Scholarship provides an opportunity for Alaska high school students to earn a scholarship to help cover the cost of an Alaska postsecondary education. Alaska high school students who take a more rigorous curriculum, get good grades, and score well on college placement or work ready exams, can earn an Alaska Performance Scholarship to qualified Alaska colleges, universities, or vocational/technical programs.

WHO can get the APS?

Alaska residents who graduate from an Alaska high school (public, private, or home school), and meet the qualifying requirements are eligible for an APS award.

HOW MUCH is the APS?

There are three maximum annual award levels: up to $4,755, $3,566, and $2,378. Maximum levels are established based on a combination of minimum GPA and test scores. An APS award may not exceed qualifying costs of attendance (which typically include tuition; fees; required books, supplies, and equipment; room and board; and transportation) remaining after considering all other non-loan aid the student is eligible for. Students may remain eligible for up to 8 semesters, but must fully use the APS within six years of high school graduation.

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Thousands of students from Alaska have attended undergraduate, graduate, and professional programs in other Western states through WICHE’s Student Exchange Program, saving millions of dollars, thanks to reduced tuition rates. In just one of the programs, the Western Undergraduate Exchange, Alaska students and their families have saved more than $188.7 million since 1988, when the program was founded.

Students who are residents of WICHE states are eligible to request a reduced tuition rate of 150% of resident tuition at participating two- and four-year college programs outside of their home state.

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