Providence News

March Issue No. 10

Providence Montessori - Special Announcements, Events, and Reminders

EVENTS: This month we will celebrate Dr. Seuss' Birthday, St. Patrick's Day and SPRING!!!

2015 Summer Camp registration forms were sent home last week and registration is now open. Please look for School Year 2015-16 registration to come home this week.

ANNOUCEMENTS: Congratulations to the Sigafoos Family on the birth of their new baby girl - Analise Marilyn - born March 8, 2015. Congratulations to Big Sister Sam!

REMINDERS: School will be closed at 11:30am April 1 (no supplemental care) and Closed April 2, 3 and 6th for Spring Break.

Montessori Prep

We are happy to welcome our new friend Hailey. Eloise likes to grab the toys for everyone and this month she is turning one 3/27. Hailey is really independent and at lunch time likes to hold a spoon by herself. Sebastian holds the bottle by himself and loves to sit down and play with toys. Ryan loves to lay down on his belly and put his head up and look around. This month web are also celebrating Dr. Seuss day and St. Patrick's day.


Our Pre Primary class has been working hard on texture matching, mirror polishing and securing lids to their coordinating containers.
Since the weather hasn't been very cooperative the children have been inside enjoying the tumble mats. Some of the children have perfect 10 rolls!
The class enjoyed a special visit from Drs. Ghazzouli. They learned how to properly brush and floss their teeth.
The children were introduced to the letter Tt through texture and tire track painting and creating turtles.
The month of March the children will be introduced to several science lessons. We will be concocting green slime,erupting volcanoes and discussing the life cycles of our sprouts we will be planting.
We also will be continuing on in our alphabet with the letters Uu,Vv,Ww and Xx weekly. The children will be creating umbrellas, vegetable printing, waterwork and seeing xrays.
Our new color for the month is green and our shape is the diamond.
We like to extend a warm welcome to our newest classmates Emma and Grace. We are also fortunate to have Ms. Kim join our class.

Primary I

March is here and like the saying goes, "March, it came in like a lion and out (hopefully ) like a lamb". We hope to see more spring-like weather and less winter weather.

Snow and chills don't stop us from fun and learning inside our classroom. This month started out with Dr. Seuss birthday. We made Lorax handprints and had Cat in the Hat cheeses sticks and one fish, two fish goldfish.

Our classroom welcomes "Molly" our newest student to our classroom. Molly loves practical life, art, and making new friends. She fits right in with our princess loving girls and holds her own when conversations revolve around other subjects.

As the month marches on, we will celebrate St. Patrick's Day, The 1st day of Spring, and Maddoc's birthday.

Our sounds of the week continue and we look forward to "s" for super heros, space and stars. "T" for transportation and turtles, and "u" for up and under. We end up this month on "v for vegetables.

During our morning meetings and circle time, the children have lots of opportunity to work on their expressive and receptive language through the weather and calendar each day. We love new songs, stories and games together. We are noticing the children's attention spans are lengthening and respect for one another's opinions is evident in their attentive listening.

Thanks for all that yo do at home to support your child's learning.

Primary II

March is a wonderful month in the Primary II classroom! The children have finished the short chains and have moved on to the long chains. The Montessori chains prepare a child for skip counting and multiplication. Our next topics in mathematics will be time, money, and measurement.

In language, the children continue to work on mastering their tricks words and glued/welded sounds. We will continue to practice our sentence structure with weekly writing activities.

Our new favorite topic of discussion has been “St. Patrick’s Day,” and “leprechauns.” In celebration of the holiday we have been exploring the colors of a rainbow (ROY G. BIV), making four leaf clovers, Irish music and will be baking Irish Soda Bread next week as a St. Patrick’s Day treat. This week we will be setting our very own leprechaun trap in hopes to catch a wee little guy and get his pot of gold.

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