The Walking Dead

By:Nina Serrano

About the show

This show is based on zombie apocalypse in the show they call the zombies walkers and the characters trying to survive and face there problems with humans and walkers.They have to survive with out electricity and Internet. They have to find there own food and water they also have to Stock up on supplies constantly .They travel a lot to try to go to other areas the walkers aren't. Most of the time when they go there is always a herd of walkers or a group of people so the keep trying and the found a place were there is a small little surviving town with people who let them in there town and wall that keep the walkers out.

Facts about the show

⬜️Since the comics that were made in 2003 that got really popular they decided make it a TV show in 2010 and is still plays today as well as the comics and there is a game of The Walking Dead.

⬜️In one of the episodes there was a character named Murrell who was shooting walkers from the top of a building and someone Heard it and reported it and the real swat team showed up and the cast told them ,that it was just a show that there were shooting.

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About the main character

The main character in this show is Rick Grimes.

⬜Before the zombie apocalypse Rick was a cop he has a son named Carl Grimes and a wife named Lori Grimes.

⬜During the zombie apocalypse Rick lost his wife by having their baby daughter named Judith Grimes.

⬜Rick had to make a serious Choice to let his best friend live or die he chose to kill him because he was trying taking over his wife and son.

⬜ Most groups have there leaders and in this case Rick is the leader of this group of people

⬜Now Rick and his group are at the town with the walls that keep out the walkers.