Paralyzed and Disabled Swimmers

by Grace Liao, 1-8-16, Period 1

Why I Chose This Topic

I chose this topic because I have been fascinated by how these people are able to accomplish this sport. I know that since these people have disabilities, they need to find a technique that can help them swim. These people may not fulfill what we call normal, but if they weren't special, why do we have the Paralympic Games? Disabled people are amazing, and some are very skilled in swimming! How can I create a presentation that can motivate disabled people to start swimming?

Choice of Equipment

If you need assistance while swimming, there are plenty of equipment to use. You may choose to use inflatable rings, which help a part of the body float, like your arms or legs. If you are struggling with upper body strength, life vests can help you keep your head above the water. Maybe your missing a limb, so you can use a prosthetic, to simulate the missing body part. A body swimsuit has inflatables inside the suit, so for paralyzed swimmers, this can keep your whole body afloat. Lastly, mobile lifts can allow a wheelchair to move safely to the water for easy access to the swimmer.

Benefits From Swimming

Paralyzed and disabled swimmers get both mental and physical benefits. It is proven that exercise can leave you positive, because if your having fun, that can decrease stress. Also, by swimming with others, you could interact with people and make new friends. Swimming can help your joints become more strong and flexible, and you can gain more muscular strength and endurance.So by exercising, you can help your heart pump blood more efficiently. I think that this is a very looked over topic, and I wanted to raise awareness for this sport. As Eleanor Roosevelt said," You must do the things that you think you cannot do."
This video is important to my topic, because it shows how this Paralympic swimmer persevered through his disability,and how he is able to enjoy swimming. I learned that there are many different ways that people can swim, and that they are proud of what they accomplished.