Stop The PDA Now

Getting an education<<< seeing how long you can makeout for.

The PDA at Waukee High School is out of control.

Kids are becoming out of control and the PDA is at an all time high. A good chunk of kids are getting so uncomfortable they end up calling their moms to call them out of school. (hyperbole) You go to school to learn and better yourself. I, as a senior at WHS, see multiple couples participating in such acts like tonsil- hockeying, holding hands until their hands turn purple and hugging until their significant other can't breathe. (hyperbole)

Let your voice be heard!

Some of the students at certain schools around the metro area interviewed other peers about this pda epidemic.

Story 1: "I just love seeing couples all over each other in the hallways. It really gives me hope for my future love life" (sarcasm)

Story 2: " I wish someone would tonsil-hockey with me in the middle of the hallway." (mockery & sarcasm)


We are a special group that helps the kids of this crazy generation keep their morals, and dignity. We understand that you might have a special someone in your life, but school is not the time nor the place to show your affection for them. Anti-PDA wants to be there for you through your struggles and hardships. Please contact us if you have any questions or comments.