Low Countries Early Music Tour

The best Old Music Tour in the World!

About the Tour.

In this tour you will be going to six different places that all are important in early music. All of these places are about half an hour drive from each other. There also will be a guide abroad the bus who can tell you about the places we are going.

Netherlands Old Music Tour

Friday, Sep. 6th 2013 at 10:30pm


Wassenaar, ZH

The Tour will be starting in the Hague from there we will go to Belgium and then return to the Netherlands to end the tour.


10:30pm- Everyone will step in the bus for departure.

12:00pm- We will have lunch and gather refreshments

12:30pm- We will arrive in Belguim

1:00pm- We will visit the Music Museum of Brussels

2:30pm- We will visit Josquin's Birthplace

4:00pm- We will visit Lassus's Birthplace

5:00pm- We will visit Ockeghem's Birthplace.

6:00pm- We will go to a restaurant for dinner.

7:00pm- We will visit Sweelinck birthplace.

8:00pm- We will visit the Royal Concert Gewbouw.

8:25pm- We will return to Wassenaar.

Where will we be going?

We are going to many places that were important during the renaissance. Here is a list:

The Music Muesum of Brussels,

Josquin des Prez's birthplace Hainaut in Belguim,
Orlande de Lassus's birthplace Hainaut called Mons in Belguim,

Johannes Ockeghem's birthplace Saint-Ghislain in Belguim,

The Royal Concert Gebouw in Amsterdam

We will also stop for refreshments and diner.