Intro. to I.T.

4/4-4/8: "Our life is what our thoughts make it!" Show Grit!

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Weekly Learning Goal:

Students will be able to discuss security issues with objects, the relationship between HTML5 and plug-ins and how they can enhance browser performance and interactivity.

Monday, April 4

Do Now: Quizizz: Click here and enter 6 digit code: 376291

Instruction: Read page 5-6 through 5-8, compare HTML5 and plug-ins, complete graphic organizer

Exit Ticket: Ticket out the Door: Click Here to complete the questions (if we run out of time it must be completed for homework)

Tuesday, April 5

Do Now: Discussion of previous day's ticket out the door

Instruction: Read pages 5-8 through 5-11: Plug-ins

Assignment: Course Mastery A

Homework: Pick a partner with on lab of choice (5-1 through 5-2) and create presentation due Monday, April 11th

Wednesday, April 6

Do Now: Submit on piece of paper provided: partner and lab choice

Instruction: Review of labs

Assignment: Complete lab and create presentation - due Monday April 11th

Exit Ticket:

Thursday, April 7

Continue working on your project: Click here for assignment details and submission

When you are done, make sure you have completed Course Mastery A for Lesson 5

Friday, April 8

As part of your grade, both partners will have to present to the class on Monday. Your presentation must be a minimum of 3 minutes.

Do not forget to complete the course mastery part A.

Assignment: Complete the Review Activity for Lesson 5 in modules on Canvas or click here. This assignment is worth 300 points.