Love that dog

By: Kennedi Miller

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Dear, Mrs.Miller,

I just got done reading Love That Dog by Sharon Creech. The way the author wrote the book made it really seem like a little kid was talking to you. Going on and on about what he had to say. When reading the book you can tell the that the character Jack, cared a lot about what people thought, because he never wanted his name on his poems. As said in the book "I guess you can put it on the board if you want to but don't put my name on it in case other people think it's not a poem". I can see where he is coming from, everything I do i always think about what other people would think and I never take consideration of what I want. I also liked how when he was writing his poems he gave a lot of description like "Blue car Blue car, splattered with mud". At first I was like, what is so great about a blue car. Until I started reading the end of the book and the blue car represents the how sky (the dog) died.

The poetry format of the book is Novel inverse. One sentence that I really didn't pay attention to was "Blue car blue Car, splattered with mud" Until he kept bringing it back up into the story, so i payed more attention to it. He kept bring it back up because the blue car blue car killed the one thing he ( Jack) loved the most. It was crazy how everything went so normal but the changed so quickly. One moment Sky was in their lives the next moment she wasn't. The reason I picked the book is because I remember reading a little bit of it in elementary school but then never finishing it. I kept putting it off but I don't really know why. So I finally Picked up the book and read.

I have a Book to book connection. I read this one book Stone Fox When I was in fifth grade and It also involved a dog that died. But that dog had died of a heart attack not getting hit by a car. But both of the owners of the dogs were very sad after the incident. So I think that they have a lot in common. Iv'e never had a dog so I wouldn't be able to relate.

Sincerely, Kennedi M.