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March 2015 Newsletter



  • Mar 1 - Mar 31

From March 1-31, Hostess half-price items are turning into Hostess FREE items!

Register March 3-April 15 for just $99!

  • Mar 20

A simple, easier and faster Virtual Office will launch on Friday, March 20!

  • Mar 16 - Apr 30

Check out the How to Market March/April page for details and supporting tools.

  • Mar 31 Staggered month-end deadlines


We're welcoming our newest Consultants with a special event!

  • Apr 30
  • Last day to earn the Leadership Incentive Trip!


NEW! Virtual Office Training and FAQ's available

The new and improved Virtual Office was launched last week. Be sure to check out the training on TOT, as well as some Frequently Asked Questions to help you navigate the new site.


SED’s participated in a Dream Big Call Series for leaders. I wanted to pass on the recordings to you so you can listen to the stories of upper level leaders. We have all been blessed by this journey, and Thirty-One has impacted each of us in different ways. Listen as each SED shares their story and best tips with you!

I have posted the recording info below and I would love to hear if you get a chance to listen to these calls. They are very inspiring.

March 9-12 Dream Big call recordings:
(712) 775-7029
730-843-900 (meeting number)
Reference numbers:
1# for Monday
2# for Tuesday
3# for Wednesday
4# for Thursday
Note: Both calls each night are combined on one recording.



I use this game as an icebreaker at parties and to remind the hostess to call and remind all her guests about the party. The POINT of this game is to let your hostess know the DAY before the party. This will be your last follow up before her party. Tell her how excited you are to see her tomorrow and to tell all her guests to BRING a POTATO! She will offer to have a bag (all my hostesses have), but tell them it is better if they BRING their own. Whatever your item is, you want it to be something that MOST people already have. The "reason" for the last minute notice is for your hostess to reach out to her guests to "remind" them to come. By giving her a reason to contact them you've taken the pressure out of the "are you coming to my party, I feel like I am annoying my friends" reminder call and the guests are intrigued and excited!

Here are some of the "themes" and points I use. I switch it up because you know after they book a party off a potato party all those ladies are getting their potato "ready" for the next show and BAM I ask them to bring toilet paper or cups!


White Potato (1point)

Red Potato (5 points)

Sweet Potato/Purple Potato (10 points)

Eye (1 point/eye)

Cleaned (5 points)

Dirty (1 point)

Store bought (2 points)

Farmers Market (5 points)

Grew yourself (10 points)

Has Sprouts (10 points)

Largest Potato (10 points)

Smallest Potato (5 points)

Borrowed from Hostess (-5 points)

Brought a Friend (15 points each)

Friend brought own potato (10 points each)


1 piece (1 point)

A roll (5 points)

Store Brand/ Generic (2 points)

Name Brand (5 points)

Lotion (10 points)

Quilted (5 points)

Colored (10 points)

3 ply (3 points)

2 ply (2 points)

Single Ply (1 point)

Borrowed from Hostess (-5)

Brought a Friend (15 points each)

Friend brought her own TP (10 points each)


disposable (2 points)

plastic (3 points)

glass (3 points)

coffee cup (5 points)

see through (2 points)

colored (4 points)

personalized (10 points)

logo on it (as in team/brand 15 points)

empty (1 point)

full (5 points)

borrowed from hostess (-5 points)

brought a friend (15 points each)

friend brought her own cup (10 points each)

bought cup on the way to party (5 points)

So much newness to share!

The NEW JK by Thirty-One collection is now LIVE, giving you more amazing products than ever to offer your Customers! Be sure to share the JK Mini Catalog with all of them! They’ll fall in love with these gorgeous on-trend necklaces, charms and bracelets! Don’t forget to point out the unique and personal giftable styles, perfect for all those spring occasions.
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From March 16-April 30, Customers can choose up to three Oh-Snap Bins or Oh-Snap Pockets for $5 each with every $35 spent!

Hostesses will be saving big on the Your Way Cube, Your Way Junior Cube and Your Way Rectangle – all paired with a lid! With a $200+ party, they can get any of these amazing home organization products for just $10! With a $600+ party, they can get one of these items for FREE!

And don't forget about our JK by Thirty-One Monogram Initial Necklace! When your Customer spends $35, she can choose this item in either gold or silver tone for $20 ($48 value). The Monogram Initial Necklace makes the perfect personal statement (and gift!).

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Thousands of new women are joining our family during the Start Something New Recruiting incentive, and we’ve added a little extra sparkle just for those who not only recruit new team members, but also help them qualify!

When you personally enroll someone who qualifies by selling $1,000 PV before April 15, you’ll earn our hottest new summer exclusive – the Style Setter tote!

Here’s how to get it:

  • With one PEQA (a Personally Enrolled, Qualified and Active Consultant) from Dec. 16, 2014, to April 15, 2015, you can buy a Style Setter for only $31.* Valued at $150, that’s nearly an 80% savings!
  • With two PEQAs (a Personally Enrolled, Qualified and Active Consultant) during that period, you’ll get a Style Setter for FREE!*

This incentive is the ONLY way for you to get this new tote early, so work closely with every new Consultant on your team to help her qualify.

Don’t wait another day – you’ve already shared the opportunity and helped women Start Something New, and now it’s time to Sponsor with Style!

Mark you calendars. The June Product Premiere for the new Fall Products will be June 13, 2015!

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Conference 2015: Register EARLY for our biggest party of the year!

In 2014, we doubled the fun by having two Conferences. We’ll use the Mississippi River as a dividing line; Consultants west of the Mississippi will attend in Denver and those who are east of the Mississippi will attend the Columbus Conference.

The Denver conference will be held July 18-20 and the the Columbus conference will be held July 25-27.

You know what they say about the early bird! Conference registration is no different! By planning ahead and registering during our six-week early bird period, you’ll enjoy an amazing Conference experience for only $99! This is a simple approach to make it easier and affordable to come to Conference!

It’s the second-best $99 investment you can make! At Conference you’ll build relationships with your Thirty-One sisters and Home Office staff, hear from Scott and Cindy, get inspired in our learning classes and through presentations by world-class speakers, celebrate accomplishments, receive amazing amenities and so much more!

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Lisa Burger, Glena O'Driscoll, Amber Addison and Abby Coble had 3 parties


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