Knight Notes

Yarbrough Elementary - September Newsletter 2019

Quick Glance at Important Dates

September 2nd - Labor Day Holiday

September 5th - Career Day - 4th Grade

September 6th - Club Day

September 10th - Picture Day

September 10th - Progress Reports Sent Home

September 12th - Blood Drive

September 26th - Yummy Villa Spirit Night

September 27th - Fund Raiser Kickoff Pep Rally

September 30th - October 3rd - 4th Grade Family Book Clubs

September 30th - October 4th – Book Fair

October 18th - Parent Conference Day (No School for Students)

From Mr. Forster

YES Parents,

Everyone loves to celebrate a birthday. In lieu of food, we hope you will consider donating a book to your teacher’s classroom or to our Media Center. If you do bring a food item, we ask that you be very careful with the items that are distributed to students in order to ensure our students with allergies are safe. If you are bringing a food item, (cake, cookies, etc.) we need to know the ingredients. Your help insuring safety in our classrooms is greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Pete Forster

Spirit Night at Yummy Villa

Throughout the year, our PTO will host Spirit Nights at local restaurants. These restaurants donate a percentage of their sales during Spirit Nights to our school.

Spirit Night at Yummy Villa

1633 South College St

Thursday, September 26th from 4-8:00 pm

Blood Drive at Yarbrough

On September 12th, Yarbrough Elementary will host a blood drive for the American Red Cross and we would love to have your support. If you are able to donate, please follow the link below. Once you open the link, enter 36830 and you will see an option for Yarbrough Elementary. From there all you have to do is select your preferred time between 10:00 and 3:00. We will be set up in Mrs. Walsh’s classroom, (first room on the left as you enter our front doors).

We hope you will consider supporting the American Red Cross and Yarbrough Elementary.

Smile! It's Picture Day!

Be sure to wear your best smile for picture day on Tuesday, September 10th. Both individual and class pictures will be taken. These photos will be available to purchase and are used for students' yearbook photos.

Music Makers Choir

Reminder! Turn in all Music Makers choir forms to Mrs. Oprandy before September 11. Please be sure to fill out ALL parts of the form to turn in. Need another form? Students can pick one up in the office or print one from Mrs. Oprandy’s webpage.

Special Fourth Grade Family Book Club

We are doing something a little different with Family Book Club this time. All fourth graders will receive Andrew Clements' book, Frindle. They will read and discuss the book in class, but will also have their own copy to take home and share with their family. During the week of September 30th - October 3rd, each homeroom will host their own Breakfast Family Book Club from 7:00 -7:30 am. Parents, siblings, and other guests are invited to come share their thoughts on the book. We hope all 4th grade families will participate in this special Family Book Club! We hope to have a special 5th grade Family Book Club soon!

Sandersen & Williams – Mon, Sept. 30th

Sullivan & Teel – Tues, Oct. 1st

Henson & Ramey – Wed, Oct. 2nd

Cowell, Glagola & Kerlin – Thurs, Oct 3rd

Order Your Yearbook Online!

Order your 2019-2020 Yarbrough Elementary School Yearbook today. Our yearbook is only sold online and can be purchased at the following link:

Customer Service: 1-877-767-5217

Nurse Notes from Nurse Julia

A community resource: The Psychiatric Intake Response Center (PIRC)

PIRC is a psychiatric response center located in the Emergency Department at Children’s of Alabama.

PIRC aims to link adult callers to mental health resources for children and teens. Any adult with a mental health question or concern regarding a child or adolescent is encouraged to call. A licensed mental health therapist will listen and determine what services are needed and access a database of providers and resources that might be helpful. All calls are confidential.

PIRC is open 8am – 11pm, every day of the week, all year long.

Contact PIRC at 205-638-7472 or visit their website

Art Adventures with Mr. Daniel

We're having fun in the Yarbrough Art Department working on the following:

Our YES fourth grade art students are in the process of developing super-hero alter egos of themselves in the form of "Block-headed Avatars." We're using a variety of media (watercolor, tempra, and crayons) as well as rendering techniques to develop their works of art. We're also exploring the works of Roy Lichenstein during this project. Our next project will transport us to the "City of Giant Cupcakes" to explore the works of Wayne Thiebaud.

Our YES fifth grade artists are working on their Pop Art versions of Rene' Magritte's "The Listening Room." We're utilizing a variety of color schemes, rendering techniques, and design principles to develop these compositions. We're comparing and contrasting the works of Rene' Magritte and Andy Warhol. For our next project, we will journey into "The Land of Ice Cream" to explore the works of Wayne Thiebaud.

Computer Lab Latest with Miss Ball

In computer lab the students will be learning the ‘home row” keys. They will learn how to properly place their fingers on the keyboard and how to sit properly while typing. The students will also have a weekly writing prompt. They will be able to send in suggestions and come up with their own writing prompts for the entire class to answer. This will help the students with sharing their ideas and leadership within the class.

Fitness Fun with Coach Smith

Students will begin a unit on lifetime and recreational skills this month. They will learn bocce, cornhole, Bulzibucket, ring toss, and much more.

Also the Fit Knights Homework Challenge will start in September and will run throughout the year. Students can complete 3 activities per week and return the calendar to school to become a “Fit Knight." Participants can pick something out of the treasure box in PE for the month.
For extra cool prizes students/parents can complete 2 physical activities per month and post on Instagram @coachsmithyespe to become eligible for an end of the month drawing. Parents and families are invited to participate as well! The monthly activities can be found on the YES PE website under

Media Center Memo with Mrs. McGilberry

Thank you for all the thoughts and prayers over the last month. I am very thankful to be back at school with all of you kids. They all gave me a warm welcome with gentle hugs as I returned. I look forward to making sure that library skills have been mastered and moving on to new skills.

The book fair is coming Sept. 30-Oct 4. We need volunteers so be on the lookout for the volunteer sign up. I want to say thank you in advance to the wonderful volunteers, because I couldn’t pull this off without you.

Music Moments with Mrs. Oprandy

The “Newspaper Dance” was a big hit as students started off the year in music class listening and moving to different genres of music, while dancing on an ever-shrinking newspaper dance floor. Students also got back into the swing of things by playing different kinds of rhythm instruments to review reading rhythms. Exploring the four different voice levels was a lot of fun as students played the circle singing game, “Hickety Pickety."

Fourth graders will be focusing on Alabama History in social studies this year, so we started off the year learning two verses of Alabama’s official state song, “Alabama."

What’s a great way to memorize the names of all fifty states? Put them in the lyrics of a song! Fifth graders are doing just that by learning to sing “Fifty Nifty United States." There is a link to the fast and slow version of this song on my webpage.

Venture Visit with Mrs. Price

We continue to practice the Three B’s as we learn our routines and procedures in Venture. The Three B’s include: Be Responsible, Be Respectful, Be Safe. The last few weeks we have learned a variety of new games, puzzles and “brain stretchers” as we practice good sportsmanship, strategy and teamwork. The students have especially enjoyed the Magic Ball (plasma ball) and learning to play LonPos. Ask your child about my very peculiar Aunt Matilda and see if you can figure out her likes and dislikes. She is a tough one to figure out!!! I am enjoying watching the students learn and figure out things together.

Counseling Connection with Mrs. Walsh

Hello September! Time flies when you are having fun. I hope you and your children are off to a great start with this school year. If you have not established your daily school routines it is not too late. Please set bed times so your children get their needed 8 to 10 hours of needed sleep (some may even need more). Encourage them to prepare the night before for the next morning (pack up backpacks, lay out clothes, sign all papers…). Start their day with breakfast, the most important meal of the day. Children academically perform better when they are fueled for the day with nutritious food. Routines also involve reading and completing homework. Hygiene is also a vital part of our daily routines. Please make sure your children are bathing daily and brushing their teeth before coming to school. Start good habits early on. Remember you have the power to give optimism to your children everyday. Send them off to conquer the day with a hug and a positive attitude.

We are introducing the 7 Habits of Happy Kids during Guidance this month. Students who follow the 7 Habits reap many benefits such as increased academic achievement, increased student accountability, character development, and decreases in office referrals. We love to see happy and successful children!

Please let me know if your child has a special need that you want me to be aware. You can email me at or call me at 887-1973. Please leave a message if I do not answer. Together we can make it happen.

Quote of the month by Donna B. Forrest

Plan to have the most positive attitude possible, no matter what the circumstances.

· This makes your strong, courageous character real to those around you.

· This positive attitude shows your dependability.

· Kindness and good choices are seen in people with positive attitudes.