The World of Nanotechnology

What is nanotechnology?

Nanotechnology is the branch of technology that deals with dimensions and tolerance of less than 100 nanometers especially the manipulation of individual atoms and molecules. Nanotechnology is being used for everyday things down to the clothing we wear on our backs, to the make up we wear on our faces, the medicines we take, and the everyday materials we use.

Current benefits ?

Nanotech in the future ?

It is expected that in the coming decades new phases of products such as better batteries and improved electronics equipment, will be developed and have far-reaching implications. By 2020 the increasing integration of nanoscale science and engineering knowledge and of nano systems promises mass applications of nanotechnology in industry, medicine, and computing, and in better comprehension and conservation of nature.

Disadvantages ?

Nanotechnology with soon take the place of workers, leaving them with no job.

By having these machines think for us, our minds will not be used to its full potential. The future of our society will be forced to dumb down because we do not have to think for ourselves. Nanotechnology raises the possibility of microscopic recording devices, which would be virtually undetectable. More seriously it is possible that nanotechnology could be weaponized.atomic weapons would be easier to create and novel weapons be developed.

Topic of Interest ?

If I had to pick a topic that interests me it would be purified water bottle . To know that there is your own personal water filter system out there is phenomenal. That you can have fresh drinking water anywhere you go with just a water bottle handy. No matter how polluted the water may be . It is a great survival source .