Nutty November Rocked!!!

95 out of 218 stylist qualified!!! $237,018 in sales!!!!

Huge Promotion Month - 10 moved the needle!!

November saw several members of our hard working Rockstars- Star Studded team advance their careers through hard work and team coaching!!! Congrats to Barb Fogel - Director, Dona Lanier - Assoc. Director, Kim Powers - Assoc. Director, Stephanie Viola - Star Stylist, Tiffany Triplett - Star Stylist, Nicole McNamee - Assoc. Stylist, Laura Partin - Associate Stylist, Ryan Stephanik - Associate Stylist, Denise Hrudka - Associate Stylist, Candice Strickland - Associate Stylist, Kristin Tritt - Associate Stylist, Arlicia Chrestotholos - Associate Stylist and Latoya Choice - Associate Stylist!!! A huge WOOT WOOT to all these ladies!!!!

Working The Dot Dollars

Making the most of these little darlings....

By now you have seen how easy it is to get a customer to add on a TSEO or a pair of sparkle studs to get that extra Dot Dollar - a thing of beauty!! But here are some additional ideas:
*Print the Dot Dollar Flyer and put in each lookbook and have customer's reference during your group hello
*Have a stack of the same flyer at your check out area and write on the amount of Dot Dollars they earned and give it to them
*If you are using the paper order forms (it amazes me how many people have no idea what their WiFi code is) create a Dot Dollars wish list right on there and then put in a file folder for later reference. If the customer is willing, ask them if they would like you to go ahead and place that order for them on the first Redemption Date.
*Take a moment (and a glass of wine) and address envelopes with all your customers addresses who have earned Dot Dollars. That way when the final list comes out, you can pop the Dot Dollars code on a note and drop it into the mail. YOU CAN NEVER SEND TOO MANY REMINDERS.
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Forget the ides of March....beware of January!

Nearly 5 years ago I faced my first January with a surprised look on my face....fat and happy from Holiday frivolity, I had forgot to book a show.....not one!!!! So I scrambled around and browbeat some poor woman into hosting...big surprise it didn't go well! So here is my advice to you, plan ahead. Start now planting seeds for ladies to be your debut hostess for the new collection (it should be in your hot little hands by the 15th) and book away!!

One last thought...

I loved this quote that Rockstar Joanie Streck posted today so much I had to share "My number one rule on how to achieve more is.....WORK HARD...there are no shortcuts to success and it's so much sweeter when you earn it" - Meredith Viera. So Rockstars, work hard, laugh often, love what you do and have a fabulous holiday xo, Courtney