Lynch Lions Newsletter

April 2021

A note from Principal Kidd

Dear Lynch Families,

April showers bring May flowers! Our time together this year is winding down. There are many things we wish we could have done differently, but due to the pandemic we all experienced many changes in our school lives this year. We certainly miss seeing you all dropping by for lunch and coming to events held on campus. It is my hope next year we will return to some normalcy, but right now only time will tell. On the other hand, we all have learned so much from each other and had time to learn more about ourselves, family, and friends. A special thanks to each of you for all you do to make our lives as educators easier!

We are coming upon the testing season, and since testing materials have begun to arrive at school, we can say there will be spring testing this year. My Assistant Principal, Julie Jones, will be coordinating all those efforts for students in grades 3rd -5th. She will be communicating with families so that you are aware of the process.

Please continue to monitor that your child is dressed in uniform attire each day and is wearing a mask which is still a Pinellas County School mandated. If you drop by the office or approach areas on school grounds where there is staff and students, please make sure you are wearing a mask as well.

We need your assistance with the car line…the front car line in the afternoon. Traffic will flow quickly if everyone arrives at the designated time for their child’s pick-up. When you arrive early your child will not be outside on the benches and we must call for them which will hold up the line. Yes, I know the school staff can also tighten up on our end and make sure students are out at their designated times as well as siblings. With all of us putting forth our best efforts we can certainly improve the process. Please continue to be patient, drive slowly as you go through the car line, and share pick-up information with others whom you may have designated to pick up your child.

It’s been a long year with many changes, but things turned out quite well with your support. Enjoy the long weekend and nice weather. Please continue to adhere to practice safety protocols as they relate to the pandemic. It’s officially spring, so enjoy the weather, blooming flowers, and longer days!


Cynthia Kidd

Ms. Jones' Jots

Greetings Lynch Family,

April is upon us and so is testing! In late March, we started our last round of MAP testing in both reading and math for all grade levels. For our K-2 grade teachers this is one last round that will give them information to pull small groups and fill in holes or accelerate learning where possible to get students ready for the next grades. You will want to look for that information to be shared with you, so you know where they may be headed into the next school year, or possibly retention. We will soon be setting up promotion/retention meetings at the school, and you will be notified if a retention is still possible.

For our 3-5th grade teachers, this information will help them with any last efforts to support students to be successful on the upcoming FSA (Florida Standards Assessment) days. Below you will find that calendar. Please know that students in grades 3-5 still on MyPCS at home may have a different day than the rest depending on the test. You will be notified if that happens. Writing is the first one that is on a different day. We are going to make sure that the environment for testing is the most optimal environment possible. For 5th graders, this data will determine what classes they will have in middle school.

Also, please look for a family night coming your way for our 3-5th grade parents that will also focus on activities you can do at home to help give a push for your student to be successful during the test and afterward moving forward.



MyPCS 4th and 5th – April 7th 9 AM

Grade 5 face to face students – April 13th

Grade 4 face to face students – April 14th

Please know that the writing assessment is combined with their later reading assessment for a final score so it is very important that all students are here for their test day. Makeups are always hard for students.


Grade 3:

Day 1 - April 20th

Day 2 - April 21st

Grade 5:

Day 1 – May 4th

Day 2 – May 5th

Grade 4:

Day 1 – May 11th

Day 2 – May 12th


Grade 3:

Day 1 – May 13th

Day 2 - May 14th

Grade 5:

Day 1 – May 18th

Day 2 – May 19th

Grade 4 :

Day 1 – May 20th

Day 2 – May 21st

SCIENCE FSA (5th grade only):

Grade 5

Day 1 – May 25th

Day 2 – May 26th

Please plan ahead and make sure your scholar is well rested and on time for school for testing days.

Thank you!


4/8 SAC Committee Meeting 6:30 PM

4/20 Spring individual pictures

4/21-4/24 Dental Sealant Program

4/23 SAC Committee Meeting 6:30 PM

5/31 Memorial Day No School

6/9 Last Day for Students- Dismissal is 2 hours earlier than usual.


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Ms. Bennett's ELA news

Here’s a great idea for keeping reading going at home. Do you have a library card? Do you want to get one and even one for your child? Spring is the perfect time to do just that. All you need to do is call (727) 892-5296 or email to get information about registering for a library card. Once you’ve registered, you can take advantage of the daily reading links that you can register for and join in online to enjoy some great literature. What a great way to show your child how much you value reading!
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Mrs. Macking's Math memos

Have you ever wondered how you can help your child with math at home?

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Kindergarten: Practice addition and subtraction within 10 by having your child demonstrate with small objects such as buttons, pennies, marbles, blocks, etc. Practice writing numbers on paper, in sand at the beach, with sidewalk chalk, etc.
  • 1st grade: Practice addition and subtraction within 20 by having your child demonstrate with small objects such as buttons, pennies, marbles, blocks, etc.
  • 2nd grade: Practice addition and subtraction facts within 20 and adding/subtracting numbers within 100.
  • 3rd-5th grade: Practice multiplication and division facts up through 10 X 10 = 100 and 100 divided by 10 = 10. The goal is for children to know these facts by the end of third grade.
  • Kindergarten-5th grade: Have your child complete lessons on Dreambox, but remember to let them get help through the program when they’re stuck. If you help them it can advance them to a harder level that they’re not ready for which may be too frustrating.
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Lost and Found

If your child has lost a lunchbox, sweater, jacket, etc please ask them to check our school lost and found rack, which is located just outside the back door to the office in the courtyard. Items that are not claimed in a timely manner might be donated to our Goodwill collection bin.

Pinellas Free Food Program

New Pick Up Locations and Times

Students under the age of 18 are eligible for 7 days of free breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinners. Please look at the following link for more information.

Vision: 100% Student Success.

Mission: The Mission of the Lynch Elementary School Community is to prepare every student for college, career and citizenship by providing quality educational experiences and integrating literacy through all disciplines.

Area IV Superintendent: Pat Wright

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