friday focus

learning for life


1. It's going to be a beautiful day and a fantastic weekend! Great weather!
2. Students who can joke around with the principal.
3. Glad we got Drew's car back to the house last night after the transmission wouldn't kick into gear. Thankful it didn't happen when he was in Spfd earlier this week.

Personal Learning Plans

Press on with your personal learning plans! I look forward to hearing the great things you are doing as you strive to improve in ways that are valuable to you. We are going to think of some ways to showcase your efforts to our school and even outside our school. More info on that will be forthcoming.

Daniel Bayless is on Twitter!!!

The English team was having some serious team building on Wednesday morning setting Daniel up with his Twitter account. Of course, they were organizing themselves to conquer the Liberator Faculty Challenge! I will look forward to providing Sonic drinks as teams finish the challenges, and ultimately a pizza party/jeans day when every team is successful.

I highlighted a few of the #BHSmatters posts below. You should be able to click on them to view them larger. When you post, use it as an opportunity to share your voice. If we don't tell the story of our school, who will? We want to show the positive things happening. The audience will grow exponentially if they see that they can have a window to our school through social media.

You can follow Daniel at @CoachDBayless. Tania Driskill is also new to Twitter. She is @TaniaDriskill.

"Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young." >>>>>>>>>>>> ― Henry Ford

Late Start Schedule

The link below has this semester's schedule for Late Starts. We have time built in for BYOC. There is still work to be done and the instructional coaches will be guiding this process.

Late Start Schedule

Essential Question 3rd Quarter

Our school-wide essential question for this quarter is "Is there a limit to tolerance?" At our January faculty meeting we would like to brainstorm way you are using essential questions and create some new ideas for this semester. This article has more information on using essential questions:

Congratulations Gina Green!!!

She completed the learning process and is now a Google Certified Educator. To achieve this distinction Google has some online modules to work through and then there are tests to pass on Google Drive, Gmail, Calendar, and Sites. She also did the Chromebook module. If you are interested in taking on this challenge, let me know. There is a cost, but I would be willing to reimburse teachers who would want to do this.

Some copier info

Just an FYI, when we print to our bigger copier machines in the building, the cost is 80% less than when we print to other network printers. Our printing costs in the district represent significant amounts of money. We want to be good steward of every dollar. We certainly expect 1:1 to greatly reduce the need to use as much paper, but I also would challenge you to think about the use of paper from an instructional perspective. This blog post gave me some things to think about:
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