High School Highlights

Career Videos to share with your students.

Single Subject Integration Videos from Connect Ed Studios - Cartoonist

The High School Office (HSO) has solicited the help of student interns to help choose videos about careers that they found interesting for other students to view. Each video and lesson has been developed to take approximately 15 minutes of class time, including time for students to discuss the content of the video in terms of what thinking was promoted, as a result of watching the video. Teachers are encouraged to extend the lesson as needed. Connect Ed Videos have the unique feature of giving Career Information on the right side of the video. This information can be used to create discussion questions.

This week’s video viewing and activities supports:

  • U-1, in supporting college and career readiness through the Linked Learning approach.

  • U-3 Orchestrating opportunities for technical and academic discourse including collaborative conversations allows students to develop a deeper understanding of content and support a point of view in varied contexts.

Please use this video for your class regardless of your content area. There are suggested guiding questions for each video, but teachers are welcome to create their own discussion questions. Click the Title Below to get to the video or Go to https://connectedstudios.org/

    1. Click on “Day in the Life” at the top bar

    2. Scroll down to “Choose a sector”

    3. Select - Select One

    4. Go to page 2

    Watch Cartoon Artist

  1. Or Click on the Title or Picture below.

The Video highlights:

It was interesting how The Cartoonist was encouraged to draw throughout his life through positive reinforcement, through verbal encouragement or even through higher grades on assignments. The origin of his cartoons is intriguing because they stem from his daily life, or experiences he has gone through. Another interesting part of the job is the freedom the freelance nature of the job gives him, as he has full control over his hours.

Students viewing this video would appreciate how the cartoonist spoke about his time drawing in high school and how that has impacted him today.

The Big Ideas of the video are:

  • When self employed, you must manage your time well to work as efficiently as possible to make enough money to survive.
  • However, the nature of being a cartoonist requires a lot of time and effort to make your comics stand out from hundreds of others.
  • Strong artistic and business skills are required to have when working as a cartoonist as without either of these you can not be successful.
  • One has to stay vigilant for new work and manage his time correctly in order to make money.

Some discussion questions for students (You might want to give the questions before viewing the video.):

You don't have to use all of these and a collaborative discussion with these Student Questions is an appropriate activity.

  • What are the challenges of this job?
  • What are the pleasures of this job?
  • Using your "Multiple Perspectives Lens" how would a business person vs a cartoonist respond to the "Big Ideas" in this video.
  • You can create your own questions
  • Use the Career Information to the right of the video to create your own questions for students to discuss.

Teacher Questions:

  • After viewing the video, what do you see in the video that connects with your content area?
  • How can you help your students see the connections?
  • What activity, lesson structure, content reading material could you align what you learned from video that would lead to the students sharing their ideas on the alignment?